Why Bubblers Make The Perfect Travel Companion

Why Bubblers Make The Perfect Travel Companion

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Taking a trip to someplace new is a great way to have fun and unwind, especially if you're with friends. But, you shouldn't have to put your hobbies on hold to do it. That's what bubblers are for.

What's A Bubbler?

This isn't some plastic wand for making soap bubbles. A bubbler pipe is essentially a miniaturized water pipe, making it perfect for travel. Not all models will fit in your pocket, but they can easily be stowed away in a backpack or suitcase with all your other travel items.

Is It Like A Hand Pipe?

No, not exactly. While a hand or spoon pipe is also portable, it doesn't offer any sort of filtration, which makes smoking less enjoyable for some people.

A bubbler pipe stands out because it has a diffuser built in, which helps cool down the smoke and make each hit smooth. Most bubblers use water to help with diffusion, but many, like our Single Rachet Bubbler, work as dry pipes as well. It should be noted, however, that using water will ensure the smoothest hit.

The Perfect Travel Companion

A bubbler pipe is perfect for travel because of its ability to create a high-quality smoke session in spite of its compact size. It can go anywhere you go! The only real drawback to bubblers is that, because of their small size, they can be tricky to clean. Also, as with any glass water pipes, glass bubblers should be treated with care.

Luckily, Thick Ass Glass lives up to its name in that regard — the glass used in our water pipes, dab rigs, and other accessories is super thick and built to last (and look epic in your collection). Check out our entire selection of bubblers and let the adventure begin!


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