The right piece can bring the cheer to any holiday party!

The right piece can bring the cheer to any holiday party!

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With the holidays coming up most of us have parties and gatherings to get through. Whether you’re looking forward to them or just looking forward to getting through them, the right products can spice up a boring holiday party and help share the holiday spirit!

Need to be discrete?

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep your smoking discrete. If you’re just trying to get through and looking to make the situation less agonizing or even if you enjoy your holiday gatherings but still need to hide your smoking the right product can make all the difference. While delightful, there’s nothing discrete about a two-foot-tall water pipe. To keep things discrete, you’ll want something compact or that you can easily store or hide if needed.

An obvious go-to for discretely spicing up a get-together without needing to be away long is a one-hitter or dugout. This is a tried and true method I’ve often used for family gatherings. It only takes a moment to pack it up and take a hit making it perfect for quickly sneaking out. A small glass or metal pipe can also be easily hidden, but they can take a little longer to load up. If you’re like me and you’ve never found a “one-hitter-quitter” or you just want to share the wealth, you may prefer a chillum with a more sizable bowl. With a chillum, the front facing bowl allows you to press it into your ground flower to quickly load it just like a dugout. Plus, with a larger bowl you can embrace the holiday spirit and share the wealth! Alternatively, if you’re looking to enjoy some time to yourself and don’t mind being away a little longer, try filling a cigarette case with your favorite smokable and relax by yourself or with anyone you want to share your holidaze with!

If smell is a concern, you may not want to smoke at all as it can be a dead giveaway. I’ve always been overly concerned about smell after having some…rather pungent situations. For me, my discrete go-to these days is a vaporizer pen. They are quick, small, and fit in most pockets making them easily concealable, and they can use concentrates making that one hit you have time for more effective. With a vape pen you can easily sneak in a quick hit and only need to disappear for a moment!

Just looking to share the holiday spirit?

Just getting together with friends or don’t need to hide anything? Any of the options above will still work, but they aren’t all the easiest to share. If you don’t have anything to hide, then go ahead and show off! Take advantage of the holiday deals and get a show stopper that will be fun for everyone. It can be the center of attention and spread the holiday cheer! Bigger isn’t always better, but it can certainly be beautiful! Check out sales to find a water pipe that’s large and in charge or maybe you’re more into a smaller, delicate rig that packs a punch. Either way, there are sure to be deals, so keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t have a ton to spend but still want to share the fun? A full cigarette holder is still one of my go-to choices for parties with friends. It brings the wow factor and there’s just something about bringing everyone into a circle and sharing the holiday spirit that makes the whole thing more fun! It’s also a great way to facilitate conversation, get caught up, and reminisce about the previous year!

If you’re looking for something that packs a little bit more of a punch, check out an E-nail and really step into the role of “Holiday Cheermeister!” It’ll make dabbing quicker and easier to share rather than having a long line of people waiting. Plus, an E-nail will be the gift that keeps giving saving you time through the rest of the year too!

Whatever kind of gatherings you have coming up, there are great deals to take advantage of over the holidays and having the right piece for any situation helps all year-round! Don’t forget to diversify your portfolio and stock up! Whatever it is you decide on though, be sure to enjoy and happy holidaze!


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