Start your collection today and be prepared for any situation!

Start your collection today and be prepared for any situation!

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I am quite proud of my glass collection, and when I show it off, a common response is, “why do you have so many pieces?” The answer is really simple. Having the right piece for any situation can make all the difference! This is why I advocate for developing your own collection. Whether you’re hanging out at home, going to a friend’s place, or just have a busy day, the right piece can really facilitate a good time while the wrong piece can cause disappointment and a headache.

Hanging out with friends at home

When you’re hanging out at home the sky's the limit. You can use a desktop vaporizer or a massive, intricate water pipe. If you’re entertaining a group of friends though, it’s always best to consider the efficiency you can share with. Your favorite means of consumption may be low temp dabbing, but if you’re doing this with a torch and you have 8 friends over think about how long it will take. Nobody wants to be the last one in line and wait 30-45 minutes for their turn (sorry to my friends I learned this the hard way with!). Instead, consider rolling something up. If you’ve got a got a show stopper water pipe, pull it out, pack a party bowl, and share the love! If your collection doesn’t have a show stopper, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a few small pieces in rotation too! Whatever you choose, remember to consider what it will be like to share and don’t keep anyone waiting.

Going to a friend’s place

If you’re heading over to a friend’s place, I wouldn’t recommend packing that showstopper up unless you have a clever, safe way to transport it. Instead, it would be safer and easier to bring over a smaller piece. If you’re transporting glass, you’ll want to be sure you have it wrapped in something soft, and a hard case is always recommended as well. I’ve been known to throw some towels or blankets into an empty kitty litter container and take some of my less expensive water pipes to small gatherings, but I don’t risk it with bigger groups. If you’re more of a concentrate connoisseur, this is also a great time to bust out your nectar collector if you have one! Alternatively, I’ve also had what I considered a “travel rig”, but a nectar collector is still more convenient than a tiny rig in my opinion. All you have to bring is a torch, your nectar collector, and a sealable container with your concentrate and you’re in business! If your preferences lie more toward the herb, a hand-held bubbler or spoon work just as well and are easier to transport than a larger water pipe, but always consider durability and the risk of it breaking when you’re bringing a piece anywhere.

Going to a party

Going to a party I almost never bring glass. It’s a liability, and, especially if there will be drinking, its likely someone has butterfingers. Instead of bringing glass, my go-to is always a trusty ol’ vape pen. Sure, a nectar collector travels well, but you need to know your crowd. Not everyone is comfortable with a torch, and it’s no fun to be looked down upon for preferring vaporization over combustion. On the other hand, nothing brings the party quite like a full cigarette case of your favorite flowers rolled up. This is a great way to facilitate conversation with old friends or make some new friends! A bowl may have the same effect, but there’s just something about roasting a bone with friends that never fails to strike up a conversation.


Maybe you just have a busy day and you want to take your smoke on the go. Here, your primary concern should probably be discretion. Even if you’re not concerned about discretion, portability is a going to make your day that much easier. That means you probably don’t want to go for any water pipe. Even if it’s small, you’ll have to worry about keeping it from spilling. So, a dry piece that fits in your pocket is the best bet. A spoon or sherlock is great for travel! If you don’t want to smoke a whole bowl to yourself every time, you can also check out a one hitter dugout combo that holds your hitter and some ground flower. If you don’t want to smell like smoke though, a vape pen may be your best bet. Whatever you prefer, keeping it pocket sized is sure to make your busy day go smoother!

Camping or hiking

When going camping I like to bring a few pieces. For day-hikes or other excursions I stick to the same pieces I use when I’m on the go. Something portable that I can easily pull out and have ready at a moments notice. When we’re around the campfire at night though, portability isn’t so important, and it’s nice to have a water pipe. Although, glass water pipes are just too fragile to take camping. It’s hard to find a flat place to set a water pipe down, and, in the dark, it can easily go unseen and be knocked over. There are just too many risks to bring a glass water pipe camping. This is where silicone water pipes come in. Silicone water pipes are nearly indestructible, so there is no need to worry about them knocking over and breaking them. So, you can enjoy a bowl around the campfire without the fear of breaking your piece! This makes a silicone water pipe a must for any trip, and you don’t have to worry about how you pack it!

Whatever situation you find yourself in, be prepared and make sure you have the right piece. You’ll be a hero among your friends; it can save you a hassle and make your day or even the whole trip! Whether you want to be the center of attention or go unnoticed, having the right piece makes all the difference.


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