*SALE* - TAG - Single Fritted Disc Ash Catcher w/ Water Recycler 50x5MM - 18MM (Male) to 18MM (Female)


MSRP: $69.99

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This ashcatcher requires a tall water pipe to work. It is a very large ashcatcher. 
 - Requires female joint to be atleast 7" above ground. Please see the picture for better understanding
 - The top of your water pipes female joint must be over 7" off the ground to fit this water pipe.

This aschatcher will fit our 16" Double honeycomb and other equally sized items
 - Using an 18MM Male to 18MM Female adapter extender will enable you to use this on shorter item 
 - Please be mindful of tipping over if using this on a smaller piece. 

Joint Size: 18MM

Total Height: 8.5"

Height of Can: 7.125"

Base Diameter: 2"


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