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Purchase a High-Quality Dab Rig From Thick Ass Glass

If you're a connoisseur of great smoking sessions, you owe it to yourself to try one of the premium dab rigs available at Thick Ass Glass. We create our oil rigs with durability in mind, so you can smoke without any worry. Most of our dab rigs are made using female joints since they are stronger and more durable. And as an added bonus, we decrease the interior volume of our pieces to enhance flavor. Our expert craftsmanship makes TAG your top choice for glass dab rigs.

What Types of Dab Rigs Can You Purchase?

When it comes to any smoke session, the best times are had with a piece that hits all of your preferences. If you enjoy the portability of small, compact dab rigs, check out our 6.5" puck oil rig which features slits for optimal airflow and a topple-proof design. If killer aesthetics are your thing, our 8" sextuple recycler dab rig ticks all the boxes. It's ergonomic, it's beautifully made and it boasts superior functionality. We also have plenty of standard dab rig options, like the 7" bent neck showerhead dab rig. We even carry tiny pendant oil rigs for those who prefer discretion.

No matter what kind of setup you're looking for, you're sure to find it at Thick Ass Glass. Our dab rigs are specially designed to keep water and vapor moving – so you can get the least drag with the most flavor possible. Shop our dab rig selection today!


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