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Top Quality Dab Rigs Deliver the Goods

For top airflow, function and quality, you can't beat the punch delivered by well-crafted dab rigs. Many dabbers say there's nothing quite like the pure flavor and experience a dab rig delivers — every time. Smaller than oil rigs, dab rigs are portable power. Choose a dab rig kit and get started right away. You can dab premium oils and vaporize concentrates and extracts into pure, flavorful moments to remember. Get the best dabbing experience time and again with a dab rig and the nail of your choice.

How do you choose the best dab or wax rig? You go to the people who know — Thick Ass Glass knows dab rigs and can set you up with everything you need. And if you're new to dabbing, talk to a friendly customer service team member who knows their stuff! There are many ways to dab, and the nail is key. You can use everything from quartz to electronic nails to power your dab rig. We think E-nails are the easiest way to dab because they put you in charge. Control the temperature of your burn and stop wasting material with electronic nails.

Thick Ass Glass Has the Dab Rigs You Want

Whether you want a classic dab rig or a stylish new wax rig — where the wax is loaded into the coil before heating — TAG has you covered. With great selection, prices and a winning team, you'll be thrilled when you shop from us! Our knowledgeable team won't be happy until you're completely satisfied with your purchase. Match up an E-nail and a dab rig kit, and check out our stash jars, too. You'll always find the best dab rigs right here at Thick Ass Glass, so shop our selection today!


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