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When using E-Nail do NOT use nail directly on your Rigs Joint!!!!
 - Use a Drop Down or Glass Adapter to preserve your rig, if the adapter joint breaks then you can just replace the adapter, not the rig!!


Comes Pre-Programmed (Ready to use)



1 x Electric Nail Heater Unit

  • Pin1= AC power
    Pin2= AC power
    Pin3= TC+
    Pin4= TC-
    Pin5= Ground wire

1 x Power Cord


Max Temperature: 2000F+

Dimensions: 5.75" (Depth) x 4" (Width) x 4" (Height)


Weight of Unit: 1.75lb

Coil Length: 5ft.


2 Year Warranty (Box ONLY) - If there is anything wrong with it over the course of 2 years we will replace it, no exceptions, hassle free. 

3 Month Warranty (Coil ONLY) - Keep temperatures under 850 for longest life expectancy. (Using at highest temperatures will void warranty)



If you alter the settings please revert back to these values for proper function.


Your settings should be as follows

Hold down 1st button for 4 seconds
- Press 2nd button to cycle through
- Use up and down arrows to select value

CN-t = 5
d-U = F
SL-H = 1300
SL-L = -200
CNTL = Pid
S-HC = Stnd
St = ON
CP = 2
ALt1 = 2
ALH1 = 0.2
ALt2 = 2
ALH2 = 0.3

Hold Down 1st button for 3 seconds to exit/save

From Main screen
Press 2nd button to see option

R-5 = RUN
AL-1 = 0
AL-2 = 0

From Main Screen
Press 1st button
At = -2 (setting will go back to off when you turn the unit off, this is okay because it is part of the calibration process, it only needs to calibrate once)

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