GigaWax - G4:20-C Vaporizer - Includes 2 Quartz EZ-Apply Coils (Multiple Colors Available)


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From GigaWax

 Designed with Artists, DJs, Producers, Musicians, and Music Lovers in mind.

The G4:20-C™ is sleek, sexy, versatile, and produces a great vape cloud. Whether you are producing, mixing, or just enjoying listening, the G4:20-C™'s slim profile will sit nicely within arms reach on your laptop, decks, or studio equipment.

Feels like silk in your hand and my personal favorite.  It looks amazing on studio equipment.

It also comes with an easy click magnetic charger. You will be able to charge your G4:20-C™ with ease by just plugging the base of the battery into the charger without having to disassemble anything. Once charging is complete, all you would need to do is pull it out from the charger.

While the battery should last up to a full day of normal use on a full charge. If your battery runs out during a session you can plug your G4:20-C™ directly to your charger and use it while its being charged. The charger cord is retractable so it wont get in the way.

The G4:20-C™ and EZ-Apply Coil™ also comes with a 1 year warranty. See warranty for details.



Replacement Coils


The EZ-Apply Coil™ is small, eco-friendly, and produces a great vape cloud. 

The flavor you get is nothing short of amazing!

It's design also makes it very eazy to load.  It also features a barrier that moderates the amount of wax that is vaporized at a time for continuos hits.

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