Domeless Titanium Nail - 14/18MM

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**Use a Drop Down or Glass Adapter to preserve your rig, if the adapter joint breaks then you can just replace the adapter, not the rig!!


Weight: 26g

Joint Size: 18MM & 14MM



Our titanium is made in China. It is safe, with a high titanium purity, actually higher than Medical Grade Titanium

Titanium Used: ASTM B348
Medical Titanium: ASTM F136/F67

Titanium: 99.759%
Fe: 0.10%
C: 0.02%
N: 0.01%
O: 0.11%
H: 0.001%


Warning: Please beware of overheating the Titanium nail. Overheating may cause the glass fitting it is sitting in to crack and break due to rapid heating and cooling. 
 - We HIGHLY recommend using a glass adapter when using ANY titanium nail, so if your glass does break from expansion, it will be the adapter only.

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