Keepin' it Clean: Your Guide To Ash Catchers

Keepin' it Clean: Your Guide To Ash Catchers

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Let’s face it: sometimes water pipes get kind of gross-looking. Smoking frequently or with friends means all sorts of residue and ash get built up on the inside of your pipe. It takes a ton of effort to wash it back to its former glory, plus you run the risk of dropping and cracking it when it’s all soapy. Lucky for us, ash catchers offer a way around all that — and Thick Ass Glass has plenty to choose from.

How Do Ash Catchers Work?

An ash catcher is an accessory you insert into your water pipe’s downstem. They’re pretty much always made of glass, unlike other accessories that can be titanium, quartz, or ceramic. The name pretty much explains the rest: they filter your smoke and catch ash before it has a chance to enter your water pipe and gunk it up. Because they’re smaller than the water pipe itself, they’re easier to clean.

Ash catchers from Thick Ass Glass use water to filter the ash out of your pipe while you smoke. Many are also designed to percolate the smoke, which has the added bonus of making the smoke “smoother” and more enjoyable. Simple as that!

Types of Ash Catchers

Want to know something cool about the ash catchers at Thick Ass Glass? Every one of them can be converted into a standalone mini water pipe. That way you can keep it clean on the go, too! Here are a few for you to get familiar with.

Showerhead Ash Catchers

The Interior Showerhead Ash Catcher is a disc-style percolator that uses holes or slits to diffuse smoke and catch ash. If you look at it from the right angle, it actually does look kind of like a showerhead.

Tree Ash Catchers

A tree ash catcher is connected to the bottom of a water pipe’s main chamber by a stem and “arms.” Tree ash catchers can have between three and thirteen arms, each with plenty of slits to help diffuse your smoke. Ours has eight arms.

Honeycomb Ash Catchers

Like showerheads, honeycomb ash catchers are disc shaped. They have up to thirty tiny holes for ash-free smoke to pass through. There are also double honeycomb ash catchers that add even more diffusion to your smoke for a smooth hit with little drag.

Non-Diffusing Ash Catcher

This is a very simple ash catcher design that will keep your water pipe clean without going too crazy with diffusion. It’s the perfect attachment to a female water pipe!

Ready to take the first steps toward a cleaner pipe? Check out all of our amazing ash catchers today!


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