Warranty Protection Plan

2 Year Warranty Against Breakages. (Picture Confirmation Required!)

Basically, the optional warranty costs 25% of the product MSRP, if your product breaks within 2 Years of your purchase date then the next one is 100% off MSRP (free) leaving you only paying shipping for a replacement.
 - To be clear, replacement is FREE + shipping
 - Example: If replacing an item with an MSRP of $100 with the warranty program, you the customer will only have to pay shipping. TAG will cover 100% of the replacement cost.

2 Year Warranty Fee = 25% MSRP
Replacement Cost = Free + Shipping
 - You will cover shipping the replacement

Warranty Coverage = 100% MSRP
 - TAG will cover 100% product cost


Your Exercise Options

  1. (1) Free Replacement - Just Pay Shipping
    2. If out of stock, Equal MSRP item as replacement
    3. If out of stock, wait until original item is available.

If this product breaks, email pictures of the broken item for confirmation ASAP -- info@thickassglass.com


Please note:

The Warranty does NOT apply to any Quartz Products. TAG will not replace or warranty any quartz products under the Warranty Program as Quartz products are ineligible. 

The Warranty must be purchased concurrently with your pipe at www.thickassglass.com


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