Optional 2 Year Warranty Against Breakages.

If it breaks, we replace it 1 time free, just pay shipping. (Picture confirmation required! Email images: [email protected])

# Warranty Rules
1 To begin a warranty claim, broken image confirmation must be sent to [email protected] (no exceptions!)
2 Allows 1 replacement of broken product within 2 years of purchase date. Broken is defined as "damaged to the point of dysfunction, not operable."

Chips and cracks are not inherently covered for replacement unless the product is dysfunctional/inoperable.
3 Warranty is not able to be renewed, the replacement item is not eligible for a new warranty.
4 Does not cover lost or stolen items.

Warranty is an optional add-on. Products are only covered if warranty was purchased concurrently with product via warranty add-on.

Warranty cost is 25% of MSRP. The warranty fee you pay covers 4x that amount in MSRP value (unless Grandfathered In). 

If you pay a $25 warranty fee it covers up to $100 MSRP value.

6 Warranty replacements are based on MSRP value, not sale price. If choosing a swap item, the difference in MSRP value will be charged.
7 Covers main pipe + accessories. Covered until the main pipe breaks and is replaced.
8 Quartz products are NOT covered under this Warranty.
9 2nd Quality items are not eligible for the warranty
10 Only allows 1st Quality items as replacement. Warranty can not be used to redeem 2nd Quality items.
11 For Warranty Replacement Orders, Discount/Loyalty codes are not applicable.
12 Warranty value can only be applied towards product, you can add additional products from the site to fill out the MSRP value. (Note* product value is based on listed MSRP, not sale price)
13 Grandfathered Clause: Requires you receive an identical replacement when the original item warrantied is in stock. Warranty does not provide a refund option.
If original item is out of stock, you will not be grandfathered in on different product swaps. You do however have the option to wait for the original product to be restocked to be Grandfathered In. There is no time limit on obtaining your warranty replacement once you have already emailed ([email protected]) with pictures and received back a reply providing your replacement options. Products are not guaranteed to restock, some may be discontinued.
14 Warranty is an optional add-on, only available when purchasing directly at www.thickassglass.com. Warranty can not be purchased or obtained at brick and mortar locations.

Flat rate/Standard shipping options are not available on warranty replacement orders.


    Warranty is only valid when warranty fee equals 25% of items MSRP
     - if website experiences error in warranty fee calculation you will be required to pay the full fee to obtain warranty replacement.  

    The Warranty must be purchased concurrently with your pipe at www.thickassglass.com