Warranty Protection Plan

2 Year Warranty Against Breakages. (Picture Confirmation Required!)

Basically, the warranty costs 20% of the product MSRP, if your product breaks within 2 Years of your purchase date then the next one is 100% off MSRP (free) leaving you only paying shipping for a replacement.
 - To be clear, replacement is FREE + shipping
 - Example: If replacing an item with an MSRP of $100 with the warranty program, you the customer will only have to pay shipping. TAG will cover 100% of the replacement cost.

2 Year Warranty Fee = 20% MSRP
Replacement Cost = Free + Shipping
 - You will cover shipping the replacement

Warranty Coverage = 100% MSRP
 - TAG will cover 100% product cost


If this product breaks, email pictures of the broken item for confirmation ASAP -- info@thickassglass.com