Glass Pipes

Check out the thickest, most durable glass pipes the market has to offer. TAG offers a variety of highly functional, made to last dry pipes that will suit the needs of any smoker.

When shopping for glass pipes, you’ll need to ask yourself this question, do you value durability, aesthetics, or functionality most. TAG focuses on durability and functionality and often beauty is in the end result. We love when glass is hard to break but more importantly when it works correctly. You will find TAG spoon pipes to be both resistant to breaking and functionally sound with appropriate airflow and comfort during use.

The spoon pipe is a classic for a reason, so stock up on our glass today for your on-the-go needs and be sure to grab a thicker style spoon so it has the best chance at survival through all your journeys!


High Quality Glass Pipes For Sale From Thick Ass Glass

At Thick Ass Glass, we're dedicated to bringing you the best products in the industry. While other brands might be content to give you cheap materials that can't stand the heat, as our name suggests, you'll only find one kind of glass here: THICK borosilicate glass (COE33). Our collection is unmatched, giving our customers the durability they need at the prices they love. Grab a super thick spoon pipe or any of our other high-quality pieces today!

What Is a Glass Spoon Pipe?

Also known as a glass spoon hand pipe, these pieces are used to smoke dry herbs or tobacco, and as their name suggests, they are generally shaped like spoons. Product is placed into the glass bowl and combusted with a lighter or hemp wick but these pieces can be made from a variety of materials like silicone, soda glass, and borosilicate glass (ideal!). While all different types of smoking accessories exist, this common shape features a bowl at the top, followed by a tube and mouthpiece. The carb hole, or carb, on the side of the bowl is covered to bring in smoke, then released so the user can inhale it. Another popular style is the glass Sherlock pipe, named after the pipes used by literature's greatest detective. Sherlock pipes have a larger bowl and a fanciful arched stem.

Complete Guide

Dry smoke pipes are possibly one of the most classic glass smoking pieces of all time. With being so popular there are many variations of them including glass spoon pipes, heavy pipes, chillums, Gandalf sherlocks, and steam rollers just to name a few. Thick Ass Glass will provide all of your glass needs and take your smoking experience to the next level.

Styles or Types of Dry Pipes

Sherlock Pipe: An iconic style that was in many ways made popular by Sherlock Holmes as it was his preferred form factor. The classical sherlock has a J-Hook form to it which helps bring the bowl into your viewing area. Another type of sherlock is a gandalf pipe which is just an exaggerated version with a longer neck.

Steamroller Pipe: A steamroller is just like a traditional glass smoke pipe but the carb hole is centered behind the bowl pack area which allows for a very quick shotgun clear.

Chillum/One Hitter: These are the most basic of dry pipes but also a favorite to many due to their simplicity. They feature no carb and are typically a straight tube with just 3” to 4” in length.

Hammer Dry Pipe: The name matches the form of this type, often in a hammer shape and available in dry style or as a hammer bubbler which puts some smoke through water.


Using Glass pipes for your medicinal or recreational smoke has some benefits. The top advantages of using include:

  • They are small and easily portable

  • They are relatively cheaper than other glass smoking accessories

  • They are easy to use

  • They don't heat up fast like metal pipes

  • They come in different attractive designs and colors

TAGs Features

    Basically anyone can produce and sell a dry pipe for a minimal cost, but often functional features take a back seat compared to visual features. Visual features are fantastic but the visual appeal can only be enjoyed for so long until you start critiquing the functional aspects and before you know it your newest piece becomes a shelf warmer. Many users enjoy when their piece has a good suction, creating ideal pressure while in use but also providing full airflow when lighting the glass bowl and clearing with carburetor. If airflow is insufficient during the lighting process, it almost seems like you are wasting your stuff! (because you are) 

    Without proper airflow you may be losing some vapor to “burnoff” which leads to less full bodied hits and less flavor/effect. When airflow is proper you can expect to experience a more dense smoke which for the seasoned smokers is a must! If you prefer less dense, then you simply can control your intake speed to properly ingest. A good example of this can happen on any pipe when it becomes a little clogged in the bowl hole, a clogged bowl hole will lead to less airflow and losses in efficiency. After unclogging the bowl hole it becomes evident that the smoke produced is of better quality, resulting in a better experience.  

    Where TAG strives in this feat of engineering would be in producing a functional, beautiful glass piece that also has durability. When you get all 3 of these attributes you know you have a winner, an item that will rarely be shelved and often seen in rotation!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a glass smoke pipe?

Luckily, it is pretty simple. Grind your herbs or product and place them in the bowl. Use a lighter to ignite the herb while covering the carb, and then inhale while plugging and releasing the carb.

How do you clean your dry pipe?

There are different ways to clean any glass piece. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the pipe or use hot water. For the hot water, boil water on a pan to cover your pipe, reduce the heat to a simmer and submerge the pipe for half an hour.

Where can you buy the best glass pipes? 

You can find the most thick and quality glass collection at Thick Ass Glass. You can get information about each pipe on your phone at home before deciding what is perfect for you. Contact us today for the best the world has to offer.

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