Due to constant demand/requests for specific (out of stock) glass pieces from our catalog we are offering "Made To Order" services to customers who prefer not to wait for item restocks. Items are set to restock only in specific variants (often just 1 option). Made To Order allows you to request any variant you would like from practically any item listed on the Thick Ass Glass website.

Made To Order is more costly as your item is not made in a large production batch but rather "Made To Order" in a small production of the exact/specific variant of the TAG water pipe or accessory design you requested.

Made To Order Benefits:
1. Custom Order any TAG piece in any variant. (Label/Color Option).
2. Practically any out of stock variant/item from the TAG website can be made within 6 months.

What Do We Need From You? (email info@thickassglass.com)
Please reference the available options for colors and logos below at the bottom of this page. Please provide the following information in your email:

1. Reference SKU or website URL link to the product you want customized.
2. Logo Color
3. For color glass. Cheaper glass accent colors are Blue, Green, Red while more expensive accent colors like Blue Slyme, Double Mai Tai, Blue Stardust can greatly increase the price.


Send an email to info@thickassglass.com including the following info:
Subject Line: MTO Request
Base Product Variant Link: https://www.thickassglass.com/products/16-double-honeycomb-water-pipe-7mm-thick-w-spinning-splashguard?variant=4127245637
Requested Label Color/Style: Blue Slyme Label
Requested Glass Color: Green Accents (mouth piece, joint rim, base rim)



Currently Available Color/Logo Options

US Colors Available Chinese Colors Available Logo Options
Amber Blue Slyme Label
Blu-V Blue No Label
Dark Blue Slyme Blue Teal Pink Slyme Label
Double Mai Tai Clear Slyme Label
EXP Leprechaun CSlyme Wavy Black Label
Fade to Black (out of stock) Green Wavy Blue Label
Green Stardust Jade Green Wavy Flame Polished Logo
Heavy Blue Stardust Milky Pink Wavy Gold Label
IO Star Pink Wavy Gray Label
Kiwi Purple Wavy Green Label
Lemon Slyme Red (supply shortage -- ETA unknown) Wavy Laser Engraved Logo
Light Red Elvis Topaz Wavy Light Purple Label
Mighty Moss White Wavy Orange Label
Pink Lollypop Black Wavy Pink Label
Red Elvis (RE) Wavy Purple Label
Sparky Wavy Rasta Label
Syzygy Wavy Red Label
Slyme (Out of stock) Wavy Sandblasted Logo
Satin Slyme (Out of stock) Wavy Sandblasted Logo - w/ Engraved Emblem Base
Wavy Strawberry Logo
Wavy Tie Dye Label
Wavy White Label
Wavy Yellow Label
Wavy Matrix Label (Never produced on a pipe, may have delay)