Dab Rigs and Oil Rigs

Purchase high-quality oil dab rigs at Thick Ass Glass. We're proud to say that we stock the finest dab rigs available, with an array of designs to choose from. Your ideal wax rig is waiting for you here. Our Thick Ass Glass dab rigs are available in a range of forms and sizes, such as 10mm micro dab rigs and beyond. Whether you're seeking straight stem or bent neck wax rigs, our online shop caters to all your requirements to provide the best hit. When you browse the dab oil rig collection at Thick Ass Glass, you'll discover nothing but superior products. Explore our comprehensive range of glass dab rigs to begin experiencing your concentrates, waxes, and oils today.

Outstanding Dab Rigs In Diverse Shapes And Sizes

At Thick Ass Glass, we supply top-notch dab rigs that enhance your use of concentrates and waxes — often referred to as "dabs." With a wax rig, you experience the most intense version of your wax, so our models are tailored to increase airflow and fully capture the intricate flavors. Our robust glass dab rigs, crafted from the finest dabbing glass, are designed for prolonged vapor movement, resulting in smoother and stronger hits every time. We stock a broad selection of glass rigs for all your dabbing needs, such as micro dab rigs for a compact chamber, and various thickness levels, like a 10mm dab rig, 14mm oil rig, or 18mm bong.

Superior Glass Dab Rigs Offer Optimum Performance

For unmatched airflow, functionality, and quality, nothing compares to the power of expertly-made glass dab rigs. Many users assert that the unique taste and experience a wax rig offers are unparalleled. With compact sizes like the 10mm rig, dab rigs provide portability without sacrificing performance. Opt for a dab rig kit and get started immediately. Experience the premium oils and convert concentrates and extracts into pure, delicious moments. Enjoy the top-notch dabbing experience repeatedly with a dab oil rig and your choice of nail.

How Are Dab Rigs Different From Bongs?

There are several distinctions between dab rigs and water pipes (or bongs). To begin with, dab rigs are usually smaller than bongs, excluding the particularly compact micro dab rigs. This is because glass dab rigs heat wax or concentrate without combustion, while water pipes are used to smoke burnable flower or herb. Moreover, dabbing typically provides a more potent, concentrated experience. Neither type of glass rig is superior; it ultimately depends on personal preference.

How Do You Select the Ideal Dab/Oil/Wax Rig?

You consult the experts — Thick Ass Glass specializes in dab rigs and can equip you with everything you require. If you're new to dabbing, speak to our friendly customer service team who are well-versed in the field! There are various ways to dab, and the nail is crucial. Your dab rig can be powered by anything from quartz to electronic nails. We recommend E-nails as the most user-friendly method to dab because they allow you to regulate your oil dab rig's temperature and prevent wastage with electronic nails.

Thick Ass Glass Stocks the Finest Dab Rigs Online

Whether you prefer a traditional glass dab rig or a contemporary wax rig — where the wax is loaded into the coil before heating — TAG has got you covered. With a diverse selection, competitive rates, and a proficient team, you're in for a treat when you shop with us! Our knowledgeable staff won't rest until you're fully content. Pair an E-nail with a dab oil rig kit, and don't forget to check out our carb caps and dabbers, too. The best dab rigs are always available at Thick Ass Glass, so browse our collection today!


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