Smoking Accessories

If you’re all about taking your smoking or dabbing game to the next level, knowing the ins and outs of the gear you need is key. Whether you’re into the herbal bliss of dry herbs, which calls for a trusty bong, or you prefer the concentrated intensity of oils and waxes, which are best enjoyed with a dab rig, the secret to a top-notch experience lies in the smoking accessories. These aren’t just add-ons - they’re essentials that unlock the full potential of your smoking or dabbing gear, ensuring every session is nothing short of amazing.


Welcome to Thick Ass Glass, where we’re stocked with an incredible array of smoking accessories designed to elevate your experience. From the essentials for bongs and dab rigs to a diverse selection of grinders catering to all preferences, we have everything you might need. This guide is here to walk you through our vast assortment of smoking accessories, diving deep into the types available, the materials they’re made from, and how to zero in on the perfect picks for your sessions.


Bong Accessories Explained

Bongs are water pipes that offer a smoother hit by cooling the smoke through water. To get the most out of your bong, certain accessories are non-negotiable:



These glass tubes are crucial; they transport the smoke from the bowl (where you’ve packed your herbs) into the water, starting the cooling process. The right downstem makes all the difference in smoothing out your smoke.


Adapters and Bowls

Here’s where your smoking material finds its home before ignition. Our adapters and bowls come in premium glass, tailored to fit various bong sizes. Choosing the right one ensures your material burns evenly and efficiently.



Tiny but mighty screens keep the ash from clogging the downstem, ensuring a clean flow of smoke. This means you get a smooth pull every time without the hassle of ash getting in your way.



A good grind is key to unlocking your herbs' full aroma and potency. By breaking down your material into a finer consistency, grinders increase the surface area for combustion, leading to a smoother, richer smoke.


Dive into Dab Rig Accessories

Dab rigs, the go-to for concentrate aficionados, require their own set of specialized smoking accessories:



Bangers are made chiefly of quartz for their heat resistance and purity, which allows you to vaporize your concentrates. The quality of your banger can significantly influence the flavor and efficiency of your dabbing experience.


Titanium Nails

Similar to bangers but made from durable titanium, these nails are all about consistent heating and longevity. Perfect for those who value durability and a quick heat-up time.



Precision is key when dealing with concentrates, and that’s where dabbers come in. These tools let you apply your concentrate to the hot surface safely and effectively, ensuring no waste and a perfect dab every time.


How to Choose the Perfect Smoking Accessory

Navigating the wide world of smoking accessories might seem daunting, but here are a few pointers to keep in mind:


1. Material Matters: From the clean taste of quartz and glass to the durability of titanium and the aesthetic appeal of ceramic, the material of your accessory can affect both flavor and function. Consider what’s important to you in your smoking experience when choosing.

2. Compatibility is Key: An accessory that doesn’t fit is no good. Bongs and dab rigs come in various shapes and sizes, so ensuring your chosen accessory matches your gear is essential. Always check sizes and fittings to avoid any disappointments.

3. Personal Preferences: At the end of the day, the best accessory is one that you love using. Whether you prioritize ease of cleaning, specific features, or simply how an accessory looks, go for what makes your smoking experience most enjoyable.


Dive into the vast selection at Thick Ass Glass, where we’re committed to providing high-quality smoking accessories that make every session a great one. With a focus on quality, variety, and customer satisfaction, we’re here to ensure you find exactly what you need to elevate your smoking and dabbing experiences to new heights.