Smoking Accessories

You know that a successful smoke or dab session needs efficient devices. You'll need a bong for your dry herbs and a dab rig for your concentrate. Bongs and Oil rigs require accessories to work optimally. These smoking accessories aid you in using your devices to get the best experience. 

Thick Ass Glass offers all types of amazing smoking accessories. We stock bong accessories, dab rig accessories, and grinders of different types. This guide takes you through our different bong and dab rig accessories, the materials used, and how to choose the best accessory.

Bong Accessories

Bongs are water pipes used to smoke dry herbs and flowers. They use water to cool down the smoke. However, to work perfectly, these devices need accessories. Let's take a look at them.


When using a bong, you'll put your dry herbs in the bowl and light them. However, the bowl is not joined to the water bowl. Instead, bongs depend on downstems (cylindrical glass tubes) to deliver smoke from the bowl to the water chamber.

Adapters and Bowls

Adapters or bowls accessories are used to hold smoking material in bongs and multi-use dab rigs.  Our adapters are made from top-quality glass and vary in size from different sizes of bongs. 


These are metal meshes used to prevent ash from going down the downstem. This way, the airway remains open for a smooth flow of smoke to the water in the base.


Grinders are used to break down or grind dry flowers. This allows for more surface areas to ignite, giving a smooth and more flavored smoke.

Dab Rigs Accessories

Dab rigs work the same way as bongs but are used for concentrates and oils. Here are the oil rig accessories in our collection.


Bangers are utilized for vaporizing oils and concentrates. Many of the bangers we stock are made of quartz.

Titanium Nails

Titanium nails are used to vaporize essential oils and resemble a traditional nail.


These are long, pointy, heatproof tools used to expose concentrates to the hot surface of a banger or nail.

How to Choose the Perfect Smoking Accessory

Here is what to check out when buying smoking accessories.


Smoking accessories are made from different materials for different reasons. As such, it is important to check out the best material for the accessory you need. Some of the materials include quartz, ceramic, titanium, and glass.


Bongs and dab rigs come in different sizes. Therefore each will need to have accessories of the compatible size. So ensure you get the measurements right.

Personal Preference

Accessories also come in different designs. Choosing the best accessory is very much up to personal preference. Go to the Thick Ass Glass accessory collection page for the best Smoking Accessories.