Glass Bongs and Water Pipes

At Thick Ass Glass, we're fully stocked with thick, high-quality water pipes for an unparalleled tobacco and herb smoking experience. A water pipe or glass bong purifies your smoke in water before reaching your lungs and offers smokers an extremely clean drag from their products. We carry glass water pipes and bongs in all shapes and types, each of which is guaranteed to give you a smooth, full-flavored hit with every use. Check out a bubbler pipe like the 13" Super Slit Matrix Bubbler, outfitted with percolators for an even smoother drag, or a classic thick glass water bong like the 18" Straight Tube for a straightforward and direct smoking experience. We also carry a wide range of sizes, including everything from 2 ft. bongs to 18 in. water pipes. View our entire selection below, and find the best water pipes and glass bongs suited for your smoking style.

Water Pipes: How Does a Water Bong Work?

Whether you're new to smoking or a seasoned vet, there are plenty of devices that you can use to enjoy a nice, smooth drag off of your tobacco. One of those ways is by using a high-quality water pipe made from strong, durable glass. Water pipes (which are often referred to as water bongs) are containers that are designed with a neck (or tube), bowl to hold tobacco and a base which holds water. This water at the bottom of your pipe allows you to produce great, clean hits of smoke when properly used, which makes it one of the most popular smoking devices on the market. You can even add ice to some stemmed water pipes to further reduce the harshness of your smoke. 

Glass bongs are awesome, but as a newbie, they may be very complicated to understand at first. If you're feeling overwhelmed when shopping for a water bong online, don't fret — we have a thorough glossary which can help you sift through the jargon and be a connoisseur of water pipes in no time.

How to Set Up and Use a Water Pipe 

If you've thought about purchasing your first glass bong for sale, the good news is that all pipes from Thick Ass Glass are ready to use right out of the box. However, water pipes have removable pieces and still require careful attention-to-detail when being used. So, how do you start? Let's walk you through the process step-by-step:

1. Add Water to the Bong

You may be wondering just how much water to put in a bong. It's surprisingly simple! All you need to do is add enough water to produce bubbles without causing any messes from overflowing. 

2. Pack the Bowl With Your Product

Do you see that open area at the top of your bong's downstem? That's the bowl, and it'll be used to hold your tobacco. It's very important that your bowl stays firmly in your bong but can slide in and out easily to produce the strongest hits. 

3. Inhale and Relax

Once you have the right amount of water in the bong and a fully-packed bowl, it's time to have some fun. Place your lips on the mouthpiece located at the top of the neck, light the tobacco and start breathing in. Once you've reached your lung capacity, pull the bowl out for an intense sensation of smoke and then breathe out slowly and chill. Congrats, you've officially smoked out of a glass bong! One important thing to remember — if any of the water that you added to your bong touches your lips, you've added way too much. It may take a couple of hits and emptying or refilling the bong with water to get it just right, but that's perfectly fine. 

Water Bong Prices & How Much Does a Glass Water Bong Cost?

Water pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and, thus, have a wide range of price tags associated with them. We at Thick Ass Glass strongly recommend that you purchase based on your budget. After all, the last thing you want to do is purchase an expensive bong but have no money left over for tobacco!

As history has shown, the smaller the size, the less expensive the product. For example, our TAG 6" Bellow Globe Rig Sphere is available for under $30, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers. But, if money isn't a concern and you really want to ball out on a huge bong, we offer large water pipes such as the 22" Double Honeycomb to Fixed 29 Arm Tree bong. 

What Are the Types of Water Bongs and Different Types of Water Pipes?

There are many types of water pipes available on the market to satisfy the unique needs of every person. Many smokers love having all of these options to choose from, but those who are still new to using water pipes and bongs may feel completely overwhelmed and confused when purchasing their first pipe. But that's okay! Let's look at the types and shapes of water pipes you can order:

Scientific Water Bongs

Remember those beakers that you used during scientific experiments in grade school? They can also be used to rip some thick clouds after puffing on some tobacco! There are two types of scientific designs that you'll find at Thick Ass Glass: straight tube and beaker shapes. Straight tube water bongs are designed exactly how they sound — as a straight tube with a level base. They're extremely easy to use and produce efficient hits with every use due to their simple design. Beaker water pipes, on the other hand, have a wider shape to hold plenty of water and air to produce much more smoke than straight tube designs. Because they come in either a bubble or cone shape, beakers also offer more stability as their lower center of gravity allows them to stay in one place.

Multi-Chamber and Round-Based Water Bongs

Multi-chamber water bongs are very similar to straight tube water pipes, except that the tube is split into two or more chambers. These chambers all contain water which allow for a more thorough filtration process compared to other types of water pipes. Unfortunately, while these bongs are very fun to use, they're harder to clean and intended for buyers with a higher budget.

Just how multi-chamber bongs are similar to straight tube designs, round-based water bongs are shaped like a sphere, making them practically the same as a beaker. They offer the same level of stability and ease-of-use that you would expect from beaker-shaped bongs. 

Male vs. Female Water Bongs

Before you look at water pipes for sale, it's important that you understand the difference between male and female water bongs. They are very distinct from one another, and learning this will save you the headache of accidentally ordering the wrong bong or accessory. 

The first thing you should know is the type of joint and downstem that's part of your water pipe bong. Male water pipes require the bowl to be placed onto the joint, whereas the bowl is placed into the joint for female water bongs. Depending on which bong gender you have, you will need to purchase accessories of the gender that is opposite of your water pipe. For example, our 15" Single Honeycomb to Spinning Guard water pipe will only be compatible with male accessories.

Bubblers and Glass Recyclers

A glass water bubbler pipe is, basically, a portable water bong that you can easily take on-the-go. There are many types of bubblers on the market, including concentrate bubblers designed for oils and double bubblers with two chambers. But, ultimately, what sets a water bubbler pipe apart from other types of water pipes is the fact that it's small, easily transportable and simple to use. 

Glass recyclers offer benefits for individuals looking to get cooler, less harsh draws out of their bong. Unlike typical water pipes, recyclers literally recycle smoke through multiple chambers to properly filtrate, making each puff from your tobacco smooth and enjoyable.

How to Clean Water Pipes

Learning how to clean water pipes is essential for keeping your piece working like the day you got it, and for keeping you and your friends safe from spreading unwanted germs. Unfortunately, while water pipe cleaning is fairly easy to do, some pipes are very intricate and may be more difficult to sanitize. But, all in all, the process for cleaning is relatively the same and includes the following steps:

1. Have the Right Set of Tools Ready to Clean

First things first — make sure you have every cleaning product at your disposal before starting. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the middle of cleaning and cursing after realizing that you're missing a crucial item. You will need the following products:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Q-tips
  • Salt
  • Pipe cleaner

2. Use the Salt and Rubbing Alcohol First

Once you have your cleaning items ready, slowly pour salt onto your water pipe's bowl and stem. Then, proceed to add the rubbing alcohol, seal the water pipe with the joint and mouthpiece and shake gently. 

3. Rinse and Repeat

Now, you can rinse the water pipe with warm water to completely remove the alcohol and salt. If you have built up residue, the Q-tips and pipe cleaners can be used to access and scrub areas that are difficult to reach. You may be able to clean your water bong successfully on the first try, but if your bong is very dirty, you'll need to repeat these steps until it's spotless.

What Are Some of TAG's Favorite Water Pipes?

Our water pipes come in tons of shapes, sizes and colors, but one thing remains consistent across all styles: the glass is always thick. Check out our top three models below!

The 18" Super Thick Beaker

Beaker-base water pipes are popular because of the stability their wide base offers. It's a classic design that's sure to please any smoker. This 18" beaker has a super thick neck that can stand up to accidental bumps and spills. This long-neck water pipe would make a great addition to any collection.

The 16" Double Honeycomb Pipe

If it's percolation you want, the 16" Double Honeycomb water pipe delivers. Each honeycomb disc comes with more than 90 holes each to provide the optimal level of filtration for cool, smooth hits. But don't worry — thanks to the Cyclone Spinning Splash Guard, none of those bubbles will splash into your mouth.

The 12" Single Honeycomb Pipe

This 14mm water pipe combines a single honeycomb percolator to a fixed 8 arm tree to create the perfect level of filtration for each hit. At 12", it's easy to pass around with friends and compact enough to fit in a backpack if you want to take it on the go. Choose from a variety of colors to make sure it’s just your style!

Water Pipes and Dab Rigs for the Upcoming Halloween Season

We at Thick Ass Glass are huge fans of the Halloween season. When the leaves start changing, we enjoy gathering 'round the water pipe and popping in a horror movie for a spooky smoking session. If this sounds like you, get fully immersed in the Halloween spirit this fall with a water pipe that perfectly matches your favorite scary movie.

A Beaker Base for "Young Frankenstein"

Most of the action that happens in "Young Frankenstein" occurs in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. There, he's surrounded by all sorts of lightning-powered electrical coils and, of course, beakers of strange fluid. Get your own beaker base water pipe bubbling as you sit down for a hilarious take on a classic story.

A UFO Dab Rig for "Alien"

Smoke your favorite oils or concentrates to prepare yourself for the infamous gut-buster scene in "Alien." This "UFO" faberge egg dab rig comes in a variety of colors and has compact chambers to give you flavorful hits while looking awesome. It's even female, just like the Xenomorph!

A Showerhead Water Pipe for "Psycho"

We all know the famous shower scene from "Psycho," the grandfather of psychological thrillers. Get into the scene with an interior showerhead beaker — it's sure to give you optimum percolation for smooth hits all the way to the big twist!

A Straight Tube Water Pipe for "Cabin in the Woods"

A more recent horror film, "Cabin In The Woods" has become a cult classic and a favorite movie for many to pop in on a dark and stormy night. One of the film's protagonists is an avid smoker and uses a collapsible coffee mug as a sort of straight tube water pipe — which is why a straight tube pipe from TAG is the perfect fit!

A Sextuple Recycler for "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

You need a truly wacky rig to match the antics of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." This recycler dab rig puts on a show as water bubbles in its multiple pipes and chambers every time you take a hit. It'll have the whole party doing the Time Warp before you can say Rocky!

TAG's Top 3 Weirdest and Coolest Water Pipes

Looking to treat yourself with a unique water bong for sale, or maybe a kick-ass gift for someone else? We present to you our top three weirdest, coolest water pipes. But these babies are so much more than water pipes. They’re conversation pieces. Works of art. And anything but ordinary. Scroll through crazy colors, dizzying spirals and more.

TAG - 8" Multiplying Inline Sextuple Recycler - 14MM Female

Kicking off our coolest water pipe list is the Multiplying Inline Sextuple Recycler. At first glance, this piece is completely insane! With crisses and crosses of tubes, this may not even look like a water pipe to the untrained eye. With a plethora of recyclers, the hit gets smoother and smoother.

TAG - 8.25" Faberge Egg Klein With Super Slit Puck

The design of this water pipe varies. However, it’s efficiency is the same across the board. The Faberge Egg Klein water pipe is one of the coolest water pipes to come across your screen. Do you know what the original “Faberge” is? It’s described as a jeweled egg that was created for royalty in Russia in the 1800s. And as you can see, this water pipe is a jewel. Standing at just under 9 inches, it showcases dazzling percolators, and it’s available in a variety of radiant colors.

TAG - 10" Faberge Can Super Slit Donut With Bellow Base

It’s a little more subtle than the colorful Faberge water pipes, but this piece is just as artistic. Check out the way the glass is formed in the middle and try to wrap your head around how it all connects. On top of its wonderfully weird shape, this Faberge water pipe also has a super slit donut perc, which creates a unique draw that sets this piece apart from the rest. With a bent neck, bellow base (bell-shaped base) and quality glass — you can’t go wrong.

Order High-Quality Water Pipes and Bongs from Thick Ass Glass

If you're looking for the best water bong to add to your collection, or ready to start dabbling into using glass water pipes, you won't find a better selection than what we offer at Thick Ass Glass. Our pipes are available at excellent prices and made with premium-quality glass for long-lasting use. When you're ready to buy a water bong online, check out water pipes for sale today. And, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us at any time. We look forward to helping you get the best value out of your smoking sessions!

FAQ: What's the Difference Between Water Pipes and Dry Pipes?

There are some pros and cons associated with using water pipes instead of dry pipes, and vice versa. As the name suggests, water pipes utilize H2O to keep your tobacco smoke nice and filtered, but can be more difficult to clean, more expensive and harder to take small puffs off of compared to dry pipes. However, they're extremely unique and allow you to take large rips of tobacco per use. Dry pipes allow you to smoke your tobacco quickly and easily — simply load the bowl and you're ready to spark. They are smaller, easier to use and more portable, but they're harsher on your lungs, especially if you're taking larger puffs. 

FAQ: What's the Difference Between Water Pipes and Dab Rigs?

When you hear the phrase "water pipes," you'll most likely also hear "dab rigs" in the same sentence. The main difference between water pipes and dab rigs is that dab rigs are intended for concentrates or oils, whereas water pipes are the best water bong for tobacco.

FAQ: What Kinds of Water Pipe Accessories Can You Buy?

There are many water pipe accessories available, including slides, ash catchers and percolators. But, before you purchase, you must find the right measurements for your water pipe accessories, as well as buy according to your water bong's gender (remember, male water pipes get female accessories and vice versa).