Holiday gift ideas from TAG

Holiday gift ideas from TAG

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Looking for a gift for a lovable smoker in your life? Whatever your budget, TAG has got you covered this holiday season! Here, we’ll give you some gift ideas to get your friends and family through the holi-daze! Whatever your price range, you’ll find the perfect gift for that loveable smoker in your life below!


You might think you can’t find anything under $10 that will get used, but there are many great, cheap options! If you’re looking for a gift for that water pipe fanatic in your life, consider getting a new bowl compatible with their current water pipe! Having the right bowl for any occasion always makes a big difference, so try to get them something they don’t have. Having a party bowl and a personal snap-hitter will make your piece adaptable to hanging out alone or entertaining a big group!

If the smoker you have in mind doesn’t have their own water pipe, consider getting them something more universal. Years ago, a friend got me a lighter sleeve with a hemp wick dispenser, and I’ve used that thing almost daily ever since! It’s always clear which lighter is mine, and the basic functionality is great! Does your friend already have a lighter sleeve? Get your jolly herbal enthusiast some more hemp wick or some of their favorite papers and tips. They may just burn up, but they’re sure to be useful!

Under $30

If you’re looking for something around $30, you’ve got a few more options to consider. Take a second and think about what they enjoy.  If you’re shopping with a dab connoisseur in mind, take a look at their dab station and try to fill in gaps! Is their station sitting on a silicone mat? If not, this will make a huge difference in keeping things clean! Do they have a lackluster dab tool or carb cap? Pick them up a concentrate pick or combo carb cap that lives up to the rest of their set up! This is another one of those small gifts a friend gave me that I use daily and I think about them every time I pick it up. Does their dab station look complete? Look at what kind of nail they use and get them a backup. Sometimes breaks happen and having exactly what you need right there can save an otherwise bad day! If you’re searching for something for a low temp dabber, make their life easier get them an hourglass to time out their dabs with!

If you’re looking for something for someone who is more into flower power think about picking them up a new spoon or chillum! I almost exclusively use water pipes at home, but I always take my chillum with me when I want something quick and portable. This is another situation where having the right tool for the job can make all the difference! Alternatively, if your friend has a favorite water pipe, get them a compatible ash catcher to add some wonder back to their old favorite piece!


If you can push your budget up to $60 you can start looking at rigs and water pipes. Consider the size of their current pieces and try to add some diversity to their collection! Sometimes your favorite water pipe is just too large for the occasion, but a bubbler would be perfect! You have a lot of options here, so try to consider what sort of aesthetic they prefer, and if they are prone to breaking glassware be sure to consider stability! I always look at the width of the bottom in comparison to the height of the piece, and make sure the piece has nice, thick glass.

If they already have that one favorite piece they never venture away from, then look into getting an accessory for it! Between $30 and $60 you can get a higher quality ash catcher compatible with their piece that’s sure to add some joy to the holi-daze and many days after! If their favorite piece is a rig, think about getting them a honey bucket to take their dabs to the next level! Or, pick them up a nice butane torch. This is yet another gift a friend gave me long ago that I still use all the time and I always think about them when I do! It just comes in handy so often!


If you can go up to $100 you can start including some high quality, durable water pipes and rigs. You can always subtlety bring up what it is they do and don’t like about their pieces to get a better idea what they want. If your friend has butter fingers look into some thick glass. The TAG - 14" BEAKER 50X9MM - 18/14MM DOWNSTEM offers a nice, sturdy beaker at an astounding 9MM glass thickness! This piece might be just as effective as a club as it is a water pipe! With $100 you can definitely find what they need, but make sure you know what they want. Play your cards right, and this is sure to be a hit (probably many)!

No matter what your price range, spread the love and gift a TAG piece this holiday season. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for the herbalist in your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the perfect piece for yourself while you’re at it! Cheers and happy holi-daze!


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