Homemade Dab Rig: Don't Try It

Homemade Dab Rig: Don't Try It

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There are a lot of home essentials out there that can be fun to make for yourself. A homemade dab rig is not one of them. Even though there are plenty of articles out there explaining how you can get around using dab rigs, you shouldn't attempt most of the methods listed. Here are just a few of the biggest dangers.

You Could Burn Yourself

This is probably the biggest concern when using methods other than a proper water pipe or dab rig to smoke. Many people online suggest using hot butter knives or even electric car lighters to vaporize your chosen substance. Both of these methods are just asking to receive second-degree burns, turning what could have been a fun smoking session into an emergency.

You Could Inhale Dangerous Fumes

If you or someone else goes all out to create a glass homemade dab rig, chances are there will be unpleasant, residual chemicals leftover from production. Some smokers find it bad enough to inhale fumes from butane torches — imagine not having a clue about what you're breathing into your body.

The Rig Could Fracture

Another risk of using a homemade dab rig is that the glass will probably be thin or otherwise low-quality. If it's not the right thickness, there's a good chance it will fracture or splinter apart in your hands, unable to take the heat. This could leave you with all sorts of cuts and a huge mess to clean up.

Can You Smoke Without Dab Rigs?

If you don't think you can afford a dab rig right now, or if you accidentally broke yours and need an affordable replacement, try out a nectar collector. On top of having a name with a really nice ring to it, nectar collectors are in a class all their own. They work great for vaporizing and can also use water, like a water pipe. Plus, being a bit smaller than a dab rig, they're much easier to pass around with friends or take on trips. Most importantly, they're made by professionals, free of residual chemicals, and made with high-quality glass.

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If you're looking for sturdy dab rigs that are built to last, you've come to the right place. No matter the design or function you're looking for, we've got the rig for you. For safe smoking and a beautiful addition to your collection, check out our full selection today.

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