Make any ashcatcher a unique sherlock bubbler with a J-hook!

Make any ashcatcher a unique sherlock bubbler with a J-hook!

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J-hooks are one of the most underappreciated glass accessories on the market. I get it, you look at it and think “what, just a glass tube?” or, worse still, you’ve seen someone put a nail straight onto a J-hook for the harshest dab you’ve ever taken. Well, let me tell ya’, when used correctly a J-hook is a cheap accessory that can make your collection more adaptable or put a bubbler you haven’t had a waterpipe for back in action! With a J-hook, any ash catcher you have can become a stand-alone bubbler!

I first picked up a J-hook about a year after breaking my first real waterpipe. It’s a little silly, but this waterpipe held a lot of sentimental value. It was my first statement piece and I went all out including decking it out with a few ash catchers. Some of my best friends and I bonded over it and really solidified life long friendships around this thing. Then, one fateful night it tipped over in my sleep breaking all but the ash catcher. We were devastated. We even had a funeral for it! After that, the ash catcher just sat collecting dust for over a year.

When I first saw a J-hook, I knew it could revitalize this great piece of glass that I’d nearly forgotten about! I grabbed it and a keck clip to hold the combo together and ran straight home to dust off the old ash catcher. Not only did this put my ash catcher back in use, but it quickly became the favorite bubbler in my collection! It offered more elaborate filtration than my other simple bubblers along with a clean, clear aesthetic and the nostalgia from my long-lost piece! Everyone was ecstatic to see it back in rotation, and I still love it years after.

Are you just looking for a new bubbler that’ll stand out in your collection or want to get more out of that ash catcher for your water pipe? A J-hook is great for that too! You can pop a sherlock arm onto any ash catcher and make a great, handheld bubbler. This allows you to be more selective and get a bubbler with your favorite percolator. Just make sure you pick up a keck clip too to hold it all together so you J-hook doesn’t slip off and break. If you want to get a whole new set up look into the TAG - 8.25" DOUBLE HONEYCOMB ASH CATCHER W/ RECYCLING E.C. 50X5MM - 18MM MALE, a compatible 18MM J-hook, and a keck clip to hold it all together for a great new bubbler with a flat base that can stand up but fits comfortably in your hand!

Whatever your situation is, a J-hook makes a great addition to any glass collection. If you’ve got multiple ash catchers you can switch the J-hook between them or pick your favorite and make a dedicated stand-alone bubbler! Whether you’re resurrecting an old ash catcher or looking for the right new bubbler I’d recommend considering a J-hook.


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