Smokin’ Valentine's day gifts for your smokin’ significant other!

Smokin’ Valentine's day gifts for your smokin’ significant other!

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With Valentine’s day just around the corner the pressure is on to find the perfect gift for your significant other again. Well, look no further! TAG’s here to help you find smokin’ gifts for your smokin’ significant other this Valentine’s day! From waterpipes and rigs to slides, ash catchers, and accessories, you’re sure to find something perfect for your smokin’ significant other!

Pay attention to what they want

The first thing you should ask yourself when searching for the perfect gift is, “What do they want?”. This seems obvious, but it’s often forgotten when you find something perfect for you. Well, this time you aren’t shopping for yourself. Try to think back to what you’ve seen them get excited about. It can be hard to remember everything when you’re on the search for the perfect gift, so in the future, I’d recommend writing those moments down to make sure you know exactly what to get your significant other when the time comes again.

Your significant other hasn’t given you any obvious hints like that? Well, that’s ok too. It can be a bit more difficult without explicit hints, but if pay attention to what their favorite smoking options are you can still find the perfect gift! Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to find the perfect gift. Are they a concentrate connoisseur? Is there anything their collection is obviously lacking? Do they have a favorite piece you could improve? Your gift doesn’t have to be a completely new stand-alone piece, and in fact, if they already have a piece they love and use all the time, your gift is sure to be used more if you get an accessory for their favorite piece rather than something that will have to compete with it. Bellow, we’ll discuss all these options and point out some great selections from TAG that may be that perfect gift you’ve been searching for!


If you’re shopping for a concentrate connoisseur or daily dabber, my first piece of advice would be to look at their dab station. Is there anything obviously missing that you could fill in? A non-stick mat is a must for any properly assembled dab station, and it’ll save you endless cleanup from sizzling concentrates. Do they have enough silicone containers to keep all their favorite concentrates protected? If their nail is getting old or just on the lower quality end, consider getting them a nice new quartz banger or a honey bucket! Whether you decide to get them a new nail or if they already have a nice one, make sure they have a good carb cap too. Another often overlooked gift is a dab tool. This is sure to be used often, and a beautiful dab tool can really bring together a dab station!

 If you feel like spending big this year and getting them a new rig, try to think about it from their point of view. What do they find to be most important in a rig, beauty or functionality? If they lean more towards beauty and you’ve got a bit more to spend, check out the Chris Schuler Sacred Geometry collection to find beautifully worked glass! If they lean more towards function over form, TAG’s got you covered here too. Check out the TAG - 6.5" Super Slit Froth Puck Rig 100x5MM - 14MM Male for a small piece that packs a punch! If they want something a bit larger, consider the  or the TAG - 10" Bent Neck Matrix Diffuser 5MM (14MM Female). If they’re into simplicity, check out the TAG - 7.5" BENT NECK FIXED 6 HOLE PUCK DIFFUSER 55X5MM - 14MM MALE, or, if they prefer more unique pieces, look into the TAG - 8.25" HAMMER HEAD PERC SIDE CAR - 50X7MM - 14MM FEMALE. Wherever their preferences lie, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the dabber in your life at TAG.


Expand their collection with a piece that they’ll love!

If your significant other is working on expanding their collection, find something they don’t already have that will add something unique to their collection! For this, I’d recommend scrolling through TAG’s selection yourself since you know best what your significant other wants. Here are some ideas to get you started though. If they need a show stopper, check out the TAG - 21" SEXTUPLE (6) HONEYCOMB WATER PIPE - 7MM for a large, beautiful waterpipe with an amazing amount filtration without adding much resistance! If this is out of your price range, but you still want a waterpipe, check out the TAG - 12" BEAKER 50X9MM - 18/14MM DOWNSTEM (4.25") (SUPER THICK) for a classic look with nice, thick glass! If you think they’d prefer something with more filtration though, maybe something like the TAG - 15" BENT NECK DOUBLE INTERIOR HONEYCOMB WITH SPINNING SPLASH GUARD would better suit them. Maybe they don’t need a new water pipe at all, but they don’t have a bubbler in their collection. For a great bubbler, check out the TAG - 14" TRIPLE RATCHET BUBBLER 65X5MM (18MM FEMALE)! If they’re covered on their water filtered options, maybe look into a spoon or sherlock to give them an easy go to option for smaller hits. Whatever they need though, make sure you spend some time looking through all the options at TAG to make sure you pick the right one for the one who means so much to you!



Do they already have a favorite water pipe?

There’s no need to try to compete if they already have something they love and constantly want to use. Instead of a completely new piece, get them an ash catcher to add some filtration to it! If they already have an ash catcher, or if it’s just over your price range, consider picking up a new slide! A bowl with a built-in screen can really make your life easier and can help your waterpipe stay clean for longer! Make sure you get the right size though. There’s nothing more disappointing than realizing your gift won’t work after you give it to them, so be sure to pay attention to the details! If none of this sounds interesting to you or you’re just looking for something else, get them a nice TAG glass jar to show off the beautiful flowers you get them!



Wherever your significant other’s preferences lie, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for them at TAG. Just remember, what makes it the perfect gift is putting enough thought into the gift to get what they want! Once you’ve picked out the perfect piece for your significant other, consider staging a romantic set up to surprise them with their beautiful new piece! If you went for a waterpipe, stick a rose in it and use it as a vase when you stage your gift to give them a romantic surprise when you give it to them! Whatever you choose, we at TAG hope your significant other loves it and wish you a happy Valentine’s day!


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