Water Pipe Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Water Pipe Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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Water Pipe Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know About the Water Bong

If you've never owned a water pipe before, it can be overwhelming when shopping. Because there's so much information out there to digest, from various water pipe sizes to different styles, finding the best water bong to add to your collection may be difficult. Fortunately, you've come to the right place. At Thick Ass Glass, we pride ourselves on offering the best selection of top-tier water pipes online. But, because we know that some of our customers are unfamiliar with water pipes, we decided to make a handy article with all the water bong info needed to make a confident purchase.

Water Pipe Prices

Just like ordering anything else, water pipe prices are likely to be the main priority whenever you start shopping for one. While it’s fun to window shop for a water bong, it’s best to go in with a budget. Even on a lower budget, you can still order a fine-quality water pipe such as the TAG - 6" 70x5MM Bellow Globe Rig Sphere for under $30. But if price isn't a major concern, there are plenty of options ranging from $50 to more than $150, so just make sure you set a limit based on your finances before purchasing.

Will The Water Pipe Be For Dry or Concentrate Usage?

Now that we have our budgets laid out, let’s talk about the different water pipe types you could potentially come across. Water pipes can be divided into two categories — for dry usage and for concentrate usage. If you are using a water pipe for concentrates, you’ll also want to look for a few other things like quartz bangers and nails. However, if you're using your water bong for dry herb, the simplicity of the water pipe will still be intact. Take a moment and think about which category you fall in. If you choose to smoke both dry herb or concentrates, you’ll need a water pipe that’s adaptable. After you’ve got that figured out, let’s move into the more granular details.

Water Pipe Sizes — Which Are Best For You?

Water pipes sizes and shapes are very different from one another. Before you start shopping, you should have an idea of your preferred water bong height. Are you looking for a tall skyscraper-style water pipe like the 22" Double Honeycomb bong? Or, are you searching for an averagely sized water bong? Because the options are endless, having a preference can help narrow down your search while looking for the best water pipes. However, if you don't have an ideal size or shape, that's perfectly okay, too. Also, while height is a factor in size, the size of a female or male piece is equally important as well. If you are looking to use your water pipe with concentrates, make sure you purchase the correct sized female or male banger and/or nail to accompany your water bong.

Best Water Bong Bells and Whistles

One of the best things about water pipes is that they come with a wide variety of bells and whistles that make it easier for you to smoke. Percolators, for example, help filter smoke to make each puff nice and smooth. If you are within budget, other water pipe bells and whistles that you should look for are splash guards, recyclers, and honeycomb percolators. Splash guards keep the water from splashing into your face while recyclers are another addition to filter smoke.

Find the Best Water Pipes at Thick Ass Glass

When you’re looking for a reliable and durable glass water pipe online, don't look any further than the products we offer at Thick Ass Glass. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find a wide variety of options, ranging from different sizes, percolators, and downstems to help you find the best water bong for your collection. If you still have questions about our reliable and sturdy glass, please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll be more than happy to assist you.


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