Multi-Use Dab Rigs

Multi-Use Oil Dab Rigs Provide a Rewarding Experience

You've looked everywhere for multi-use oil dab rigs that'll deliver the flavor and experience you want. Why not own an exceptional dab oil rig and let the flavor come to you? When you want premium oils and extracts in their purest form, there's nothing like dabbing from your own dab oil rig. Choose your rig and consider options, like quartz nails and different oils or concentrates. Oil dab rigs should last a long time, so buy for quality and performance.

Find the Best Glass Oil Rig for Sale at Thick Ass Glass

You know what you want in a multi-use dab oil rig, but you want to check out all options. You'll need a quality nail because you torch it — nails are made of glass, quartz, ceramic, titanium and more — until it reaches about 350-400 degrees. Then you "dab" the substance onto the nail to be burned. As it vaporizes, you can take in the full undiluted flavor from any wax oil rigs. And the better the multi-use oil dab rigs, the better the overall experience. Try an electronic nail, too, for a smoother, better user-friendly burn. That's what you'll always get at Thick Ass Glass — BETTER! A better multi-use dab oil rig with the thickest glass in the industry. You can feel the quality of the glass right from the start. We use female joints because they're stronger and more durable than male ones. Not everybody takes that step. But we know oil dab rigs should be made to last, just like the flavorful vapors they'll provide. When you're ready for your own multi-use dab oil rig, we're ready to deliver the finest dabbing experience you'll ever have. Discover your multi-use glass oil rig for sale at Thick Ass Glass today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-use Oil Rigs

What is the Difference between Dab Rigs and Bongs?

Dab Rigs and Bongs are devices that use water to cool vapor. The difference is that the former is built for concentrates, while the latter is for dry herbs and flowers. However, our Thick Ass Glass multi-use dab rigs are perfect for flowers and concentrate. 

Why Buy Multi-use Dab Rigs Online?

Buying your Multi-use Dab Rig online lets you check out a vast catalog to make the best decision. Go to our Thick Ass Glass collection for the best deals.