Fixed Stem Bongs

Individuals around the globe are smoking for medicinal and recreational use. Bongs are popular for the smooth and cooled smoke they provide. As such, there are many types of bongs on the market. At Thick Ass Glass, we provide many styles of bongs including Fixed Stem Bongs. They work just like regular bongs but have some unique features and advantages. In this guide, we will provide information on fixed stem bongs and their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is a Fixed Stem Bong?

A fixed Stem Bong is a type of bong with a built-in downstream. Unlike other bongs, where the water needs a downstream, these bongs feature a permanent one. For context, a downstem is a hollow glass tube that connects the base to the bowl. It is the channel through which smoke travels to the water for filtration and cooling. Fixed stem bongs come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, meaning everyone can find something ideal.

Why Choose a Fixed Stem Bong?

If it works like any other bong, why choose it? A fixed stem bong offers the user the following advantages.

No Extra Costs

Other bongs require you to buy a downstem. It means you'll incur extra costs that may not be in your budget. With a fixed stem bong, the downstem is in place. All you need to do is buy your bong and you’re ready to start smoking.

No Replacing Cracked Downstems

Replaceable down stems offer one disadvantage: they can easily break. Downstems are fragile glass components that need to be handled carefully. Anytime you remove them from the bong, you risk dropping them and breaking them in the process. The downstream in fixed stem bongs are permanent. It means that you'll not be able to remove it, eliminating the chances of breaking or cracking it. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed Stem Bongs

Are Fixed Beaker Bongs Better than Removable Downstems?

The question of which is better comes down to personal preference. However, fixed stem bongs offer everything intact with nothing to drop, lose, buy or replace.

Where can I get the Best Fixed Stem Bong?

For the best Fixed Stem Bongs, head to the Thick Ass Glass Online store. They offer various bongs in different sizes, shapes, decorations, and prices.