Multi Chamber Straight Bongs

If you have had your eyes on a single-stage straight tube bong for a while, or you are looking for something a little more heavy-duty to complete your glassware collection, you might be in the market for a customized multi-stage straight tube bong. Also known as multi-chamber straight tube bongs, these thick glass pieces are built to boost and extend the enjoyment you get out of your relaxation time.

The Revolutionary Structure of a Multi-Stage Bong

There is a reason why smoking enthusiasts prefer multi-chamber bongs over other types of glassware. Multi-stage straight tube bongs are built like a typical single-chamber bong, but they have an added chamber (or two!) connected by a series of tubes. These bongs offer double the water action, double the percolation, and double the smoothness when you inhale through the top. It produces cool water effects, smooth smoke, and an overall improved experience delivered right through your mouthpiece. If you want to bump up your smoking experience to the next level, this might be just the kind of glassware for you.

Fill Up As Much Or As Little As You Want

The point of having a bong with two or three separate chambers is to fill each one with water. This makes it so much easier for you to customize each smoking session to fit your exact preferences. You can add as much or as little water as you want to each chamber, which can enhance the way you smoke in a number of different ways. Our multi-stage straight tube bongs offer double or even triple the filtration process to give you a different kind of smoking experience.

Multi-Stage Straight Tube Bongs Available in Any Size

If you have a collection of separate bowls and slides lying around, then you’re in luck, because the majority of our single and multi-chamber straight tube bongs are available with standard sizes of 12 inches or 18 inches. We also sell a variety of unique bowls, slides, and reclaim catchers that can act as the perfect attachment to take your bong’s effectiveness even further. Not to mention, it is always possible to replace your slides and catchers with additional accessories that will make you feel like a new glass hobbyist all over again.

Get Unique Multi-Chamber Straight Bongs Today

Thick Ass Glass is a trusted name in bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes, and more. We carry a wide variety of multi-stage straight tube bongs, single-stage straight tube bongs, glass pipes, and accessories that can be attached to almost any of our products. Whether you have been building up your glassware collection for a while or you are just starting to grow enthusiastic about collecting a bong for the first time, you can’t go wrong with a multi-stage bong that offers so many different ways to smoke. Check out our growing selection today and enjoy a smoother smoking experience for years to come.