Our focus is quality, function, and durability. Thick Ass Glass aims to provide highly functional, durable glass that stands up to your day to day. While no glass is indestructible, we do our best to make them resistant to breaking via thicker glass and attention to detail in problem areas. We also offer an optional warranty for covering your glass.

Quality + Durability.

TAG is committed to durability, constantly looking for ways to improve the integrity of our glass. This means we do not cut corners. Some producers will make things in the cheapest production method vs best possible design outcome. There are many fine details in the design or engineering of TAGs products that makes them more difficult to produce. This means holding glass thicknesses (in welds), tolerances (on diffusers), keeping to our design spec even when it means producing the product will become more difficult.


While durability may be our most sought after trait, we are highly focused on functionality. With nearly a decade of experience producing glass, we have learned a great deal about function, whether it be a standard beaker, recycler, or dab rig. TAG glass offers high end diffusers like our super slit pucks, UFOs,  gridded inlines, and fixed tree percs. Our diffusers are designed with air flow in mind, while also considering the efficiency of each slit, with the goal of finding an optimal airflow/efficiency ratio. Recyclers are a staple of glass functionality, requiring a few parts to be arranged specifically to provide an ideal recycling function. They must not only look the part, but operate correctly in many small aspects to provide an ideal experience. You will find that every TAG product is highly functional, having a slightly different or special feel to its function compared most glass. 

So why are we different?

Committed to the pursuit of perfection. During these recent times, many are resorting to producing thinner, smaller, lower quality glass in higher quantities. We too had the option of changing our production style to reduce cost but we refuse to do this as each cost reduction results in a noticeable decline in product durability/function. Because of this, you can feel the difference in your hand when you pick one up, they are heavy! Even small TAG pieces are still quite heavy and solid.

We use custom super thick joints, especially on our heavy wall beakers. We could save weight and production cost by producing a thinner joint (or thinner beaker), but this leads to weaker products that survive less impacts. We also produce diffusers with a high slit density (called Super Slit). These are difficult and time consuming to produce compared to a regular slit count. Without the high density in slits, the function can be heavily degraded in designs. There are many corners that could be cut in the production of glass, but we prefer to choose the best possible design outcome vs the easiest production method.

In early 2021 we began a soft launch of a new service known as "Made To Order" or more commonly referred to as MTOs. Made To Order allows you to request any variant you would like from practically any item listed on the Thick Ass Glass website. 

Production glass brands similar to ours historically can not offer a custom order format due to requirement of high production quantities per specific variant to achieve a reasonable price and then offer to the masses. For years customers have been inquiring about specific out of stock models or requesting specific logos and color options that have not been previously offered. Until recently most of the requests could not be fulfilled, but the MTO service now provides the option to obtain basically any piece in any variant! Navigate here to learn more

We try our best to improve each product continually, we value our customers input as it helps us achieve this! We welcome new ideas and would love to hear from you!

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