How Important is a Reclaim Catcher for your Oil Rig?

How Important is a Reclaim Catcher for your Oil Rig?

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With the constantly growing number of accessories for our hobby, it can become hard to tell which are really going to make a difference and which we may quickly put down and forget about. I’m here to tell you how a reclaim catcher can make a valuable addition to your dab station, and you won’t want to go back to life without it! A reclaim catcher may just seem like some extra glass tubing you put on your rig to look fancier, but in reality it can make a great, functional addition to any dab set up especially for you flavor seekers out there!

What does it do?

A reclaim catcher works similarly to an ash catcher in that it will help keep your rig looking clean and beautiful. However, it does not add extra percolation like a traditional ash catcher. This may seem like a missed opportunity, but the goal of this piece is actually to keep the reclaim dry so it can be used later and to prevent it from ever reaching your rig! Notice the easily removed glass dish, held on by a keck clip, is positioned right under your banger or nail to catch any stray drops. This will save you from the dread of watching a steady stream of reclaim flow until it inevitably clogs your rig. Personally, I have spent far too much time digging in my pieces with a dental tool trying to save what small amount of reclaim I could while mostly just spreading it around and making it look worse if anything. With a TAG dropdown reclaim catcher, the glass dish can be easily removed to access and use your reclaim as you please thereby saving money in the long run!

Safety First

Perhaps most importantly, a TAG drop down reclaim catcher can actually help make your dab station safer by moving the hot nail further away from your face. Many of us have small rigs to keep our vapor concentrated which allows less area that vapor can condense on the inside, but a consequence of this can be that the nail you are heating up with a blow torch is right next to your face! Being this close has a greater potential to burn yourself or your hair if you make a simple mistake. Another added benefit of moving your nail down and out is that you will likely have a better view of your concentrate bubbling, which I always feel is a beautiful sight! Additionally though, having this system to save your reclaim will also eliminate the want to pick up your hot nail to save that drip that’s falling right after your dab.

Keep cleaner for longer

Whether you’re someone who maintains meticulously clean pieces or even if you only clean your rig when you can’t draw through it anymore, a reclaim catcher will help keep your pieces clean and functional for longer between cleaning sessions! By catching any reclaim that drops out of your banger, it prevents these sticky globs from making their way into your rig where they can be unsightly, hard to clean, and can even cause clogs! So, not only will this accessory have you cleaning less often, but it will be easier to clean when you do by preventing those large globs from getting there in the first place! This also means that those big globs can’t clog up your percolator! This is the difference that really struck me after making this addition to my dab station. I no longer have to watch idly as reclaim piles up until it inevitably clogs the whole piece!

An essential accessory for a low temp dabber

Have you been trying to master the art of consistent, flavorful dabs? Then having a reclaim catcher is essential for you! If you’re a low temp dabber, a reclaim catcher is going to really improve your set up. While low temp dabbing achieves the best flavor and hurts your lungs and throat less, it also tends to produce more reclaim. This is because reclaim is simply what condenses from the vapor of your concentrate the same way water in the air condenses on the outside of a cold glass on a humid day. Since the glass of your piece is cooler than the vapor, the vapor will begin to condense, and because the vapor produced from low temperatures is cooler, it is more likely to condense into reclaim than higher temperature dabs. While more of the vapor you want condensing may not seem ideal, when you’re low temp dabbing your reclaim is also of a higher quality giving all the more reason to protect and save it!

So, adding TAG dropdown reclaim catcher to your dab station can allow you to get more bang for your buck, make your rig safer, and keep your piece looking beautiful for longer! This is an accessory that is definitely worth it, and will pay for itself in the long run!


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