Single Chamber Beaker Bongs

Single-Stage Beaker Bongs

If you are looking for simplicity and you want to jazz up your smoking experience without straying away from a classic piece, then single-chamber bong pieces are the perfect selection for you. Single-stage beaker bongs are a good choice for beginners or even for veteran smokers looking for a straightforward way to enjoy their glass collection. 

At Thick Ass Glass, our specialists offer a handmade selection of single-chamber bongs and single-stage beaker bongs to serve as excellent additions to a burgeoning collection - or as great beginner pieces for those who are just starting. 

From Simple to Advanced - We’ve Got the Beaker Bongs For You 

There are many accessories, add-ons, and features you can consider when investing in a  single-chamber bong with Thick Ass Glass. But before you commit to a purchase, you should consider some of the most important factors that make up single-chamber bongs and find out what your budget will allow: 

  • Stem Size: The size of the stem can determine how well it will fit with other pieces in your collection. Beaker bongs come in “miniature” sizes, standard sizes, and even large pieces that are so big they can be the focal point of any room.

  • Thickness and Strength of Glass: Before worrying about what makes up the inside of your bong, you should consider its outside. Thick Ass Glass specializes in thicker-than-average glass specialties built with strength and sustainability in mind. Our durable pieces are guaranteed to last, promising that your purchase will be worth its weight in gold. 

  • Size of Ice Catcher: Ice tends to enhance the potency of the smoke, filtering stronger and smoother air for your smoking experience. Most chamber bongs come with an ice catcher, usually indicated by a small dent or notch in the stem of the bong. It can generally hold a small ice cube. 

  • Percolator: Some of our bongs come with percolators, which are add-on accessories that allow you to filter your smoke through an extra system. Not only do they look cool, but they also give you a cleaner and more refined way to experience your smoke.  

  • The Downstem: Single-chamber bongs can come with both removable and fixed downstems, which are the part of the bong that the smoke is filtered through before it enters your mouth.  Removable downstems are easier to clean, giving you the flexibility of a more functional and aesthetically pleasing piece.  
  • Become an Expert Bong Collector with Thick Ass Glass Today

    Whether or not you are already a Thick Ass Glass owner, you can benefit from amazing discounts and perks for your pieces that will enhance your collection with ease. Get a better smoking experience - and look cooler in the process - when you browse our collection of single-chamber bongs and pieces today. Contact us now to ask about how you can fine-tune your personalized collection ASAP!