Silicone Smoking Accessories

If you love the feeling of smoking through your pipe but you are tired of risking broken glass and handling hard-to-clean pipes, silicone smoking accessories are the perfect thing for you. At Thick Ass Glass, our silicone accessories are made to give you the best experience possible.


From specialty rigs to dab pipes, bongs, spoons, and slides, there is no shortage of silicone options, no matter what your favorite way to smoke is. While once unheard of on the market, there now exists an abundance of silicone accessory products from A to Z to help you complete a full silicone collection.


The real question is, why do you want silicone smoking accessories? And what sets our products at TAG apart from the rest?

Making the Switch to Silicone Accessories

Smoking enthusiasts worldwide are becoming more enthusiastic about silicone smoking accessories. While glass remains a classic, silicone offers a few dynamic benefits that make them a serious contender in this market:


  • Silicone is incredibly easy to clean and can be added to your dishwasher along with your other dishes and glassware.


  • Silicone is flexible like rubber, making it nearly indestructible. You no longer have to worry about dropping and breaking your pipes and slides when you invest in full silicone or silicone-coated products.


  • Silicone is more heat-resistant than some metal or glass products, making them the perfect fit for more intense dab sessions.


If you are ready to get rid of your glass for a product more bendable and easily washable silicone product, check out some of our popular options. Our dab pump set includes a flexible silicone tube, making it easy to use and clean.

Get More for Way Less

Silicone products are more durable and usually more affordable than some of their fragile glass counterparts. If your silicone accessories are dropped, you don’t have to worry about them suffering a break. You can reuse your products repeatedly while spending less money on costly repairs.


Did you know that silicone is incredibly heat-resistant? Due to its low thermal conductivity, silicone is a reliable material for hot dab rigs and other smoking accessories that may require a lighter to use. No accidental burns or painful accidents with dynamic silicone accessories!


Even a product as simple as a silicone container can protect your stash from the elements or outside damage and keep internal temperatures regular. This prolongs the life of your goodies, helping you enjoy a lot more than you would be able to if you only had breakable glass options available

Feel the Silicone Difference with TAG

Our silicone bongs, bowls, dab accessories, O rings, and ashtrays provide a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. Thick Ass Glass is proud to offer a wide range of silicone smoking accessories and products that are only available through our website.

Silicone may seem silly, but it is quickly becoming many smoking enthusiasts’ material of choice for pipes, bowls, bongs, and smoking accessories. Try it out today by browsing our silicone inventory before products are gone.