Quartz Dabbers & Bangers

There are many types of dab nails, but quartz banger nails stand out from the rest. Quartz bangers may look like glass bangers, but they are actually made out of a type of crystal. Our clear fused quartz dabber bangers last longer than traditional glass, clean up fast and don't emit harmful gases when heated. But one of the best things about a quartz banger is that it heats up three times faster than ceramic or titanium, so you can enjoy your smoke quicker. Quartz nails are also ideal for low-temperature dabs because once the nail is heated, it can easily be cooled down to your desired temperature for better flavor. Check out our entire quartz banger selection below to experience pure flavor dabs at exceptional prices.


Here at Thick Ass Glass, you'll find a fantastic selection of high-end quartz products to choose from. Pick up a quartz dabber banger or browse our carb caps and quartz dabber to find what you need to get the best possible results when smoking. A dab banger made from quartz is well-regarded for a reason — they're highly durable to last for many sessions! You'll find a wide selection of those and much more in our online store, including a variety of shapes, such as a quartz bucket nail.

What Is a Quartz Dab Nail?

A quartz dab nail is, somewhat obviously, any dab nail made of quartz. Also called a quartz banger or a quartz dabber banger, dab nails made from this material are known for their purity, offering exceptional flavor and an ability to withstand high temperatures. Pure quartz is highly sought after for the flavorful taste it provides upon smoking. As such, many smokers prefer the enhanced durability of a quartz nail over fragile glass products that are prone to cracking.

Don't look elsewhere for quartz nails that are inferior in quality. Browse Thick Ass Glass' premium selection and get your hands on a brand new quartz banger for your water pipe today!