Recycler Bongs & Dab Rigs

Thick Ass Glass has incycler and recycler bongs made with top-quality glass. A recycler bong (or oil rig) offers stunning filtration by drawing the smoke through multiple chambers in a looped system. We have recycler dab rigs for all uses, sure to satisfy the smoker and toker in everyone. You can get big, smooth, strong hits with your very own Thick Ass Glass recycler oil rig. These setups are gaining in popularity for good reason! Every glass recycler dab rigs we craft is made with the same quality and care that we use for all of our gear. You can dab with confidence knowing that your recycler oil rig is going to provide clean draws of filtered smoke time after time. Browse the complete collection of recycler dab rigs for sale in our store today! Find the best recycler pipes from Thick Ass Glass and enjoy the smoke.

Use Thick Ass Glass Recycler Dab Rigs For Efficient, Clean Smoke

Thick Ass Glass recycler bongs give you the best draws for your concentrate or flower. The multi-chamber design provides supreme filtering of your smoke as you draw it through, leading to bigger hits and more flavor. Recycler water pipes are the preferred choice of many users who want superior filtration without adding a lot of complicated steps. Thick Ass Glass recycler oil rigs provide clean burn for your concentrate and additional filtering for your smoke to give you the best experience possible.

What is a Recycler Water Pipe?

A recycler water pipe uses a so-called recycling percolator (or multiple), which creates the appearance of tubing. These tubes attach multiple chambers to each other on your recycler bong. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the smoke travels through a water reservoir, then loops through each chamber continuously, cooling down and maximizing airflow for a smoother, richer hit.

Why Use a Recycler Bong?

Recycler dab rigs or bongs offer a few advantages over traditional dab rigs and water pipes, leading some smokers to prefer them. Primarily, the smoke is a bit cleaner because it's filtered through more water. For expert smokers, that means the ability to take bigger hits of pure herb or oil. Additionally, some people prefer the aesthetics of glass recycler water pipes — the tubing just looks great! As with most smoking rigs, it just comes down to personal choice and preference.

Are They Recycler "Oil Rigs" or "Water Pipes"?

Both! Another benefit of a glass recycler is that you can use it for both dry flowers and oils/concentrates ("dabs"). That's why they are often referred to as recycler water pipes/bongs and recycler oil rigs/dab rigs interchangeably.

Buy a Recycler Water Pipe at Thick Ass Glass Today

Level up your smoke game with a recycler rig for sale from Thick Ass Glass. TAG is dedicated to bringing you the best glass pipe selection in the industry. We take no shortcuts during the manufacturing process. We build our glass recyclers with The Thickness™, giving our customers the durability they want. We've got every type of glass recycler bong in our store, from wormhole recyclers to dual-arm multiplying inline recyclers. Find the best fit for you or contact us to get a recommendation on the best recycler water pipe for your needs.