Reclaim Catchers

Many types of bowls, bongs, pipes, and rigs have been invented to streamline the smoking process. Filters and pipes help deliver vapor to your mouth while the smoke exits simultaneously. This filtering process can sometimes cause some of your wax or oil to waste. That’s where reclaim catchers come in.


Thick Ass Glass offers several dynamic reclaim catcher options to help you save every last bit of your concentrates and oils.Even if you aren’t too concerned with catching the excess from your pipe, you can also use reclaim catchers to maintain an expert level of cleanliness and heat resistance within your piece.

Avoid an Oil Jam and Save Your Stuff

Every seasoned smoker has experienced this frustrating scene: You go to take a hit from your dab rig and can’t inhale because a big glob of oil is stuck right inside your pipe. Using your lighter, you try to melt the oil to get your pipe unstuck, but that may leave you with sticky residue over the inside and outside of your piece.


 You can reclaim those oil globules that build up in your pipe. Instead of smearing it around your pipe and throwing it out, you can actually collect and reuse the oil however you’d like. Reclaim catchers come in various shapes and sizes to suit your unique needs.

It’s All in the Cup

No matter the shape or size of your pipe, you can find a reclaim cap or dish to fit your piece. Items like our Reclaim Bellow Cap Dish act as an attachment that can catch excess oil and concentrate in a dish. It can be removed and re-added to your bowl, so your smoking experience is as smooth and mess-free as possible. 


We have exclusive items available to help you level up your smoking game. We offer both male and female claim catchers, reclaim dishes, caps, cups, and more. Silicone or glass reclaim catchers often come with dishes that will become a staple of your smoking experience after you try them out. 

How to Choose the Right Reclaim Catcher Size

With so many different pieces and unique pipes available, how do you know what kind of dish to choose? You might need to consult with one of our TAG experts to determine your specific rig's size, angle, and gender.  From there, the correct reclaim catcher can be chosen from our wide inventory of suitable options. This offers flexible possibilities that are sure to enhance your next smoking experience.


A good rule of thumb to remember is that the perfect reclaim catcher for you is likely to have the same angle and size but a different gender.

Reclaim Everything with TAG Products

Browse our collection of reclaim catchers as an essential accessory for your dab rig or bong setup. If you aren’t sure what kind of dish or collector would work best for what you smoke, you can get in touch with us for our expert advice to guide you in the right direction. Expand your collection and find a new way to enjoy your smoking sessions today!