Ash Catchers

Order a Reliable Ash Catcher for Your Water Pipe Bong

At Thick Ass Glass, you'll find the best selection of ash catcher products on the market. Ash catchers are a fantastic way to add filtration and diffusion to your water pipe bong, while keeping it cleaner longer. Whether you're using a double honeycomb ash catcher or 18mm ash catcher, all Thick Ass Glass catchers feature a water recycler to help prevent water from leaving the ash catcher and leaking into the water pipe bong. Keep your daily driver unbelievably clean while filtering out much of the harsh residues and debris that builds up inside your piece!

What Types of Ash Catchers Can You Buy?

Thick Ass Glass offers 14MM and 18MM glass ash catchers in a wide variety of styles to choose from. These include the following:

Another bonus of ordering a TAG standard or double honeycomb ash catcher is that when you add a j-hook, you can actually convert the ash catcher to a stand alone mini-water pipe bong. All you have to do is ensure that both the joint size and angle are correct for your water pipe bong before you order a new ash catcher. From a functionality standpoint, this is by far the best addition to any glass water pipe bong rig.

Because there are so many options to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed when looking for the right ash catcher. But, don't stress — the experts at Thick Ass Glass are always available to help! Check out our inventory to purchase a regular, double honeycomb, or 18mm ash catcher, or contact us today if you have any questions.


What joint size do I need for my ash catcher? 

The size of the ash catcher you need depends on the size of your joint. You will need a smaller ash catcher if you have a small joint. If you have a large joint, then you will need a larger ash catcher. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, so measuring your joint before purchasing an ash catcher is essential.

What's the difference between an ash catcher and a percolator? 

An ash catcher is a small glass piece that fits onto the stem of a water pipe bong, and its primary purpose is to catch ash and resin as you smoke. A percolator is a type of water pipe bong that uses a series of small chambers to cool and filter the smoke before it passes through the water and into your lungs. Some people prefer percolators because they believe the extra filtering makes for a smoother, less harsh smoke.

What is the best type of ash catcher to use?

Both "tube" and "disc" styles effectively trap debris and prevent it from entering the bowl, but some smokers prefer one style over the other. Some smokers find that tube-style ash catchers do better in keeping the bowl clean, while others find that disc-style ash catchers are easier to clean. Ultimately, it's up to each smoker to decide which style suits them best.