Bent Neck Bongs

One big challenge for those who smoke is how to travel with a bong. At Thick Ass Glass, we offer you a solution, the Bent-Neck Bongs. Bent Neck Bongs are named based on the shape of their necks. Unlike the traditional straight necks, they feature a bent or angled neck that directs that improves user comfort. These bongs offer you style and are easy to use and travel with. At Thick Ass Glass, we offer a wide range of bent neck bongs.

Features of Bent Neck Bongs

Bent neck bongs are similar to other bongs. The difference comes in the size and shape of the neck. The neck includes the mouthpiece through which users draw smoke. The neck holds it in place, where smoke moves from the water to the mouth. Bent neck bongs also feature a bottom where water is held and a bowl where you light your flowers and herbs. You'll also notice a downstream that runs from the bowl into the water. It is used to direct smoke into the water for filtration. Some bent neck bongs may also feature percolators which cool the smoke further by allowing a larger surface area to contact the water.

Advantages of choosing Bent Neck Water Bongs

There are many pros to using bent neck tubes over straight neck tubes. Here are the advantages of choosing a bent neck bong.

Ease of Use

The bent neck on these bongs directs the mouthpiece toward the user. This provides a more effortless smoking experience.

Increased Safety

The bent necks on bent neck water pipes angle away from the bowl. This increases the distance between the user's face and the bowl, which decreases the potential for a burn.

Discreet Transportation

One disadvantage of using bongs is the difficulty of traveling with them. They are usually tall and take up a lot of space in bags. The size becomes a huge holdback if you want to travel light or discreetly. Most bent neck bongs have a shorter height compared to other water pipes. This makes them perfect for individuals who wish to travel with them discreetly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bent Neck Bongs

How Do I Use a Bent Neck Bong?

Using a bent neck bong is simple. Follow the following steps. 

  • Add water to the bong
  • Place your herbs in the bowl and light
  • Draw air through the mouthpiece to push smoke down the downstem
  • Draw again to pull filtered smoke from the water and inhale

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