Bong Bowls & Bong Slides

If you’re in need of a replacement bong bowl, or you just want something fun and unique to enhance your smoking experience, you’ve come to the right place. Thick Ass Glass provides a huge inventory of unique bong slides that fit a variety of different sizes.

Our bong bowls and slides are designed to work with all of our bongs and water pipes and can complement your existing pieces according to size. The most common sizes for bong bowls are typically 14mm and 18mm, with both male and female options available.

Personalize Your Water Pipe with One-Of-A-Kind Bowl Attachments

A lot of folks believe that glass slides are pretty interchangeable, but a seasoned smoking veteran will tell you that every handmade slide is unique.

While there are many types of bong slides available, one, in particular, may end up being the perfect fit for your piece. We provide slides with every bong that you purchase, but that doesn’t mean it is the one and only bowl meant for you.

Our collection of bong slides and bong bowls offers a AAA experience:

  • Affordability. We make sure to offer pieces at many different price points so our customers get the most bang for their buck.
  •  Artistry. There are so many different shapes, designs, colors, patterns, and themes for you to choose from. Some of our biggest sellers are our most dynamic designs, including the Horn Handle Slide and Moose Glass Bong Bowl.
  • Accessibility. Some default bowls and slides might not fit your water pipe perfectly, or they may be too hard to slide in and out of your piece due to the small handle. We offer a number of accessible options including bong bowls with large handles and slides with extra finger grips added to prevent slips.

Not to mention, bong slides and bowls can also act as adapters to help you connect two different pieces or substances. As an example, you can use some slides to connect your bong and bowl, as well as your other water pipes or vaporizers.

Get Bong Slides and Bong Bowls Online Today!

If you’re a long-time bong user who wants to add a new slide to your collection or you are just starting out on your smoking journey and want an easy way to get started, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from. Check out our stock and see the quality of our Thick Ass Glass products for yourself!

Bowls/Slides FAQ

1. What is a bong bowl?

A bong slide or bowl is the primary removable piece of your bong as it holds the dry leaves. You can “slide” it out of your pipe to clean it and refill the bowl before you slide it back in.

2. How do I find my bowl size?

You can typically determine your size from the general size of your water pipe: 14mm slides typically fit in small to medium-sized pipes, while 18mm slides are reserved for very big glass pieces. 

3. What’s the difference between male and female slides?

Bowls labeled as “female” slide over the joint of the bong and can be used as converters. “Male” slides fit inside of the bong joint and are slid out during the smoking process.