Cork Jars

A Stash Jar for All Your Material

A stash jar is a place to hold the stash you keep for dabbing or smoking. But why not buy any old jar? Because, with the right stash jars, your Cannabis and other dry herbs can breathe naturally and retain the flavor you expect from each smoking or dabbing session. Buying the wrong type of stash jar or using some container you find around the house is like trusting a milk jug to keep the milk fresh after sitting on the counter overnight. Choose the right stash jar and reap the benefits you deserve.

Buy Stash Jars from Thick Ass Glass

Do you prefer a thin glass stash jar that'll crack like an egg with the slightest touch, or do you want a thick-ass glass stash jar protecting your investments? That's an easy one, right? But how many trust their herbs, waxes, concentrates and other dried grasses to a cheap container with a snap-on lid they got at a discount store? And how many times have they sat there waiting for their rig to fill the air with smoke and discovered it was pathetically weak, or the hash had too much water to burn correctly? And why? Because they didn't think the right glass stash jar could make that much difference.

But a stash jar from Thick Ass Glass with a cork top lets your dabbing herbs or Cannabis breathe. Stash jars are designed to allow your smoking or dabbing material to retain the least amount of moisture, protect from heat and light, and limit the oxygen introduced. Can that throw-away container from the store do that? Probably not, but stash jars with thick glass and cork tops can. And you'll find the perfect stash jar to fit your needs at Thick Ass Glass every time!