Cork Jars

Cork jars offer security, freshness, and longevity for your products. You can make the most out of your collection with our smell-proof cork jars. Keep your home or room from smelling funky and keep a collection of high-quality cork glass jars to store your most prized possessions. 

Whether you are looking to store loose leaves or herbs, you can keep them sealed for long periods with the diverse array of cork jars we have available online. Shop now and find jars of all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. 

Stash Your Keep in a Secure Way 

What’s the difference between our cork jars and any type of jar with a lid? Why purchase our cork jars when you can stash your keep in a bag or a box? There are a few reasons why our accessories are a notch above the rest: 

  • Protection. Our thick glass cork jars won’t crack or shatter with a simple drop, offering constant protection for your goods. It will also keep your products nice and dry, protecting them against excess moisture. But not just any kind of thick glass jar will do; you want a product that has your herbs in mind so it can retain flavor as well. 
  • Flavor Retention. Cork jars offer a great location for your stash, making sure that little air can come in and dry your herb out. But what really makes cork tops special is that they also allow some breathability, as the cork absorbs and releases the flavor of your stash while it sits in the jar. 

    Nothing is worse than dipping into your stash only to find that your herbs have dried up or are too moist to burn properly. Instead of feeling disappointed by dried-up goodies during your next sesh, you can light up the right way with a pinch of fresh leaves from your cork-topped jar. 

    You won’t be able to have this same experience from a plastic jar with a snap-on lid that you got at the dollar store. Thick Ass Glass invests in high-quality, handcrafted glass products that are designed with your herbs and leaves in mind. 

    Thick Ass Glass Cork Jars Available 24/7

    You should trust that your concentrates, herbs, waxes, and leaves are going to stay fresh and secure in their own airtight setting. No matter how often you dip into your stash, you should always be able to rely on it being as fresh as the day you bought them. That is what you can look forward to with our collection of cork jars at 

    Instead of waiting to smoke and realizing that your herbs are no longer packing a punch, you can be pleasantly surprised by how well your keep has retained its freshness over time. 

    Keep out moisture, prevent drying out, and increase the longevity of your products when you invest in our simple (yet effective) cork jars today. There are many sizes to choose from, so take a look today and give yourself a smooth smoking experience each time you light up!