Multi Chamber Beaker Bongs

Multi-Chamber Beaker Bongs

Multi-stage beakers, also known as multi-chamber bongs, add an extra flair to your smoking device to help you get the most out of the water you put into your piece. By filtering smoke through an additional chamber (or two!), you can greatly enhance your smoking experience. If you want a cooler, longer, and smoother way to get the most out of your bong, then a multi-chamber bong might be the perfect addition to your collection.


At Thick Ass Glass, we offer a wide variety of double and multi-chamber bongs to suit every customer. Get top-notch glassware at great prices and find the perfect bong for all of your needs.

Sleek Design, Smoother Experience

You can enhance every bong session with two or more chambers to extend the way your smoke travels through the piece. From aesthetic enhancement to functional improvement, there are tons of benefits you can gain from having just one of our dynamic multi-chamber bongs:


  • New, innovative design: Double-chamber bongs have two or more chambers built into your bong, amplifying the filtration process.  You can have a great smoking experience with a multi-chamber bong in seconds.


  • More chambers for water: Why put water in just one place when you can put it in two or three? Adding more water in the chambers allows it to percolate, giving you a stronger and smoother hit with each puff you take.
  • Multiple available sizes: We provide most standard-sized bongs in our fine selection of pieces.  Our sizes generally vary between 12 inches and 18 inches. 


Rather than getting hit with an incredibly powerful blast of steam and smoke all at once, you can filter the smoke through two or three chambers to have a longer but more steady intake. This is a highly recommended technique for beginners who want to get into a bong collection and  are looking for an easy breezy experience.

Get Everything You Need with TAG Today

You can personalize your bong collection experience today with a wide range of accessories, rigs, and pieces by Thick Ass Glass. Find out more about our multi-stage beakers at our site and contact one of our bong experts and ask about how we can make your smoking experience better.


You can even become a Loyalty member and use your Loyalty Points on that special accessory that would make the perfect addition to your smoking experience. Browse our inventory and check back often as we are constantly adding new products - and new sales - that are bound to light up your smoking experience from now into the future.