Beaker Bongs

All About Beaker Bongs - Advantages, Styles, and Accessories


Arguably, the most sought-after glass form would be the classic beaker bong. This shape dates back to 1861 when Emil Erlenmeyer invented the Erlenmeyer flask. You would think we would call it a flask bong but that is not the case.

People have used bongs for a long time. The modern ones we use today became popular in the 1970s. This was thanks to Bob Snodgrass, who also invented color-changing glass. Fast forward to the present and you will find TAG makes incredibly cool beaker bongs for sale available anywhere.


Design and Focus For Your Everyday


TAG produces all glass products using borosilicate glass, which is the hardest and most heat-resistant glass available. It has low thermal expansion compared to soft glass and will not break as easily from temperature shifts. When designing these pieces, we focus on every part to reduce weak points.


Years ago, we released the 18” super thick beaker. At the time, it was one of the few beakers available with a truly thick beaker bottom base. Historically, these pieces had a thicker neck tube, but often the beaker portion would be very thin. So thin that in some cases, a little piece of glass could pop off the side or edge, resulting in a major leak!


18" Super Thick Beaker Bong


We designed TAG beaker water pipes to endure more battles, so you can rest easy when handling them during your day-to-day. We may be biased, but we believe we have the best beaker bongs partly because of their high durability. If you clean your glass regularly, you can trust that TAG's durability can handle everyday situations. Make no mistake, all glass is breakable, but some are more durable and less damage-prone than others.


More Beaker Options


We feature almost every size and glass thickness possible for beaker style bongs. We have thick glass beaker bongs ranging from super thick, which is 9-millimeters(mm), to normal thickness, which is 4 or 5-millimeters(mm). When choosing a beaker bong make sure it is a right fit for you, it could be a lifelong friendship if handled with care.


Having so many options available makes choosing one easy for even the pickiest glass enthusiasts. We also have the opposite form which would be straight tube bongs that are essentially the same but with a flat solid base.


A 5mm thick beaker is strong enough for rough users, but adding more glass thickness can make it even stronger. To increase the chances of survival, our thicker glass has wide bases that can withstand more abuse. Silicone beaker bongs are more durable than thick glass beakers, but not as fun to use. Glass water beakers are strong, but not indestructible.


We have a variety of beakers available. Some are simple with one percolator, while others are more complex with multiple percolators. We also have a host of large beaker bongs for the most courageous of smokers. Whatever you're looking for, we have it!


What sets us apart from most other glass brands is our attention to detail. When designing the more complex sections, we aim to reduce drag resistance. So, we design our percolators to maximize airflow for easier use.




One good thing about a beaker is that it can hold a lot more water than straight tubes. Adding more water to the bong makes the smoke cooler by increasing the amount of water the smoke touches. Another benefit is that the water will take longer to get dirty, which means less changing of the water than most other bong styles. Of all the styles available, beaker tubes are more easy to clean when featuring just one percolator for diffusion.


The beaker bottom bong, along with the water weight, gives a nice sturdy foundation. Keeping most of the weight at the bottom helps with weight distribution and decreasing chances of your glass tipping over.


A more comical advantage with TAG beakers would be their dual purpose for home defense! Some people say that if a burglar enters their home, they would use a metal bat or TAG bong for protection. Our glass is so tough, it feels strong enough to defend the home front.


How do they work?


Operating one of these glass beauties could not be easier, which makes for a great smoking experience. Fill up the water to your desired level, which is typically about one-half inch to two inches above the downstem slit cuts. Place your removable downstem into the beaker joint, grab your favorite bowl slide, and load it with tobacco or herb.


Then, simply light the contents of your bowl, fill the chamber with smoke, and remove the bowl from the diffused downstem to clear your smoke.


Smoke will bubble through the downstem diffuser slits, cooling your hit as it comes in contact with the water. We offer different downstem options to cater to your preferences. Some people like fewer, larger holes, while others prefer more, smaller holes for a smoother hit.


Ice Catchers


Most TAG beakers have ice pinches for holding ice cubes, but a few do not because some customers prefer them that way. For the coolest smoking experience, most enjoy adding ice to their piece.


Some people prefer tubes without notches for a sleeker look and increased durability. Raw tubing is stronger than worked sections like ice pinches. Ice in the neck of your bong can instantly cool down any hit.


If you have friends over and want to give them a cold hit, use ice pinches to cool it down. This is especially helpful for those who don't smoke often.




A wonderful addition to any beaker base bong would be an ash catcher. Most ash catchers hold water and cool smoke while others like the non-diffusing dry ash catcher which will simply stop ash. These accessories help to filter smoke before it reaches your bong water.


45 Degree Non Diffusing Dry Ash Catcher


Ash catchers keep excess ash out of your main piece. It also helps to protect your lungs. A high quality ash catcher can keep your piece cleaner longer, ensuring the freshest smoke and bong water.