Beaker Bongs

At Thick Ass Glass, we can appreciate the classics, and it doesn't get much more classic than beaker bongs. A glass beaker bong can be recognized by its beaker-shaped base designed after the Erlenmeyer flask, which brings your tobacco and herb smoking to new levels of smoothness. With a wider bottom, a beaker water pipe offers better stability to ensure it won't easily fall from surfaces, as well as the ability to hold more water and more smoke for the biggest, cleanest hits possible. Glass beaker bongs are among the most popular smoking accessories, and we've got a great collection so you can find the one that best suits your needs. We have glass beaker bongs for sale ranging from simple to complex — even big water pipes outfitted with percolators and ice catchers to add extra filtration to your smoking experience. View our entire selection of thick beaker bongs below, and join in on loving the classics.

Benefits of a Beaker Bong & Using Beaker Bongs for High Quality Smoking for Better Benefits

Beaker bongs have many benefits, but one of the most notable is the wide chamber base which has the ability to accumulate more smoke for generous hits of your herb or tobacco. Unlike the glass beaker bong's cousin (straight tube bongs), a beaker water pipe gives more controlled rips rather than direct ones. When you begin to rip a glass beaker bong, you'll have to pull harder, enabling you to decide how big of a hit you want.

The wide base design is also great for adding better filtration capabilities to your thick beaker bong. By holding more water in the base, you can generate more bubbles that filter the smoke more efficiently. In addition to better filtration, keeping more water in the base means you won't have to change your glass beaker bong's water as often because it stays clean for longer. When you finally decide to clean it, the large base of your beaker bong gives you more room for deep cleaning. Picking up some cleaning accessories can help you even further.

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At Thick Ass Glass, we have a fantastic selection of glass beaker bongs for sale in the sizes you want. Whether you're looking for 12-inch bongs or a 3-foot glass bong, we have you covered. If you have any questions about our beaker bongs, feel free to contact us. The experts at Thick Ass Glass are always standing by to help. Find an amazingly thick glass beaker bong at Thick Ass Glass today.

High Quality Beaker Bongs For Sale

When smoking any type of beaker bong whether a glass beaker bong, beaker water pipe, it is important to have a high quality bong to use. Thick Ass Glass has multiple options of beaker bongs for all smoking needs. From choosing your first glass beaker bong, or if you are an experienced smoker looking for a specific thick beaker bong or a 3 foot glass bong we have everything in between. Shop Thick Ass Glass for beaker bongs, single stage beaker bongs, straight tube water bongs, and all affordable bongs for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaker Bongs

How does a beaker bong work?

Beaker Bongs are easy to use. Grind your herb, place it in the bowl and ignite. Draw air from the mouthpiece, and the smoke will follow downstream into the water, where it is cooled. The smoke then accumulates on the water before you draw it through the neck into your mouth.

Where can I buy the best beaker bongs?

Search online and head to Thick Ass Glass for the best beaker bongs. They have a wide range of different decorations to make them more appealing.