Are you looking for a smoking device that gives you the functionality of a bong and the portability of a hand pipe? Then, the bubbler or bubbler water pipes from Thick Ass Glass are a perfect choice. Bubblers are small water pipes designed like bongs but are small in size. They function with the same principle as a bong to offer the user cool smoke. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the ease of traveling with it.

This guide goes through the advantages, how to choose a bubbler, and how to use a bubbler.

Advantages of Bubblers


Bubblers are very small and can fit into tiny spaces. They are the size of hand pipes and give you the freedom to carry them anywhere. You can place your bubbler in a purse, backpack, or utility bag and get going. This is especially important if you want to carry your smoke accessories discreetly.

Smooth Hits

While the smoking device is small, it carries water like other water pipes. As a result, they offer the user smooth, cool and filtered smoke.


The biggest challenge of using big water pipes is that it is a hassle to pass them around. The small size of bubblers allows you to share your herbs and flowers with friends, which is easy to pass around.


Bubblers come in different shapes and designs. Since they are made of glass, they make a beautiful decoration when placed on the coffee table or your desk.

How to Choose the Perfect Bubbler

Choosing a bubbler always boils down to personal preferences. However, here are things to look out for when selecting a bubbler.


While bubblers are small, they come in different sizes. As such, you'll want one that fits your needs and is compatible with your storage and transport spaces.

Compact or with Joints

Another essential thing to consider is if you want a compact bubbler or one with joints. Compact bubblers have permanent parts that cannot be removed, while bubblers with joints are a combination of different removable parts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bubblers

How do I use a Bubbler?

Follow these steps to use a bubbler. 

  • Fill the bubbler with water to the right height
  • Add your flowers to the bowl and ignite
  • Draw smoke through the mouthpiece and inhale

How Do I Clean a Bubbler?

Use these steps to clean your bubbler.

  • Empty the water from the pipe
  • Use hot water to clean the bong again
  • Use salt and rubbing alcohol for tough stains
  • Rinse again with hot water until the smell of the rubbing alcohol recedes