Oil Rigs - 14MM Male Joints

Find the mini dab rig you need for the best smoking session right here at Thick Ass Glass. Each 6-inch discrete dab rig with a 14mm joint is designed for easy use and portability. You'll find minimal parts and small profiles in TAG's 14mm glass rig selection to provide you with an easy experience — whether you're a beginner or regular smoker. Get a superior travel experience with our 14mm male dab rig that provides a discrete profile when on the go. Shop our 14mm male glass rig selection for a big smoke experience in a small package.

Mini Dab Rigs For Storage And Travel

Built with the same commitment to durability as all of our dab rigs, every 14mm dab rig is built with space-saving in mind. Not every smoker has an infinite amount of storage space, but that shouldn't be a barrier to a premium smoke experience. Our 6-inch and 6.5-inch dab rig options will fit in small spaces while providing you the enhanced experience that only a Thick Ass Glass product can provide.

Different 14mm Male Rig Styles

Choose from several different styles to find the one that works best for your setup. A 6-inch glass rig that sports a 14mm male banger is small enough to rest comfortably on bedside tables and desks without blocking your view or taking up too much space. Our durable design and small profiles also make them ideal travel companions or gifts for that new smoker in your life. We offer mini dab rig shapes such as puck, pyramid and beaker, too.

A 6-Inch Glass Dab Rig with 14mm Joint Is Divine Simplicity

Thick Ass Glass appreciates a good dab rig regardless of the size. We build everything from 22-inch beakers to 6-inch mini dab rigs with the same eye for durability. That means the glass we use for our 30-inch beakers is the same thick-ass glass we use for all of our mini dab rigs. Our 14mm male joint rigs are built with the same quality as our premium sextuple recycler. If you are just looking into dab rigs or are a seasoned user looking for a new piece, you can't go wrong with our 14mm male bowl rigs.

Get Your 14mm Dab Rig Now at Thick Ass Glass

If you're looking for an incredible smoking experience in a smaller package, a 14mm male rig from Thick Ass Glass is just the ticket. Every mini dab rig we offer is crafted with the same attention to detail as anything else in our store — and you can always count on us to bring you the hits you deserve. Get your 6- or 6.5-inch dab rig with a 14mm joint today!