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At Thick Ass Glass, we know our customers prefer variety. We offer bongs of all sizes – from big bongs that offer more potent hits of herb and tobacco to mini bongs that are excellent for portability and convenience. Large bongs typically have larger stems that can hold more smoke with every hit, so an 18-inch bong might be your best option if you're looking for a powerful impact. On the other hand, a small bong, such as a 6-inch bong, can still pack a powerful hit while being small enough to fit in a bag for on-the-go convenience. Some might prefer the bigger, more potent hits of a tall 30-inch bong, but others may love being able to smoke discreetly with a small 8-inch bong. If you're still having trouble deciding, we also carry a great range of medium-sized 10 and 12-inch bongs that offer a great middle ground. Whatever your needs are, Thick Ass Glass has the best glass bubblers, huge bongs and small bongs for you. Shop our full selection below.

Small Bongs, Medium Bongs & Large Bongs: What's The Difference?

You may be thinking to yourself, what's the difference between a big bong and a mini bong? Aren't they all just bongs? In reality, size matters when it comes to bongs and glass bubblers – each size has benefits that may be more tailored to your smoking needs. There are bongs that are 8 inch bongs, and ones that go all the way up to 30 inch bongs. Keep reading to find out more about each type.

Shop Mini Bongs & Small Bongs

An 8-inch bong or smaller bong can be classified as a mini bong. They're small, portable and great for convenient smoking in a wide variety of places. A small bong also works excellent for beginning smokers who don't have the tolerance for taking massive rips, giving you the least amount of drag out of all the sizes. But don't worry, mini bongs can still be outfitted with percolators and other additions to give you a powerful smoking device. A small bong is perfect if you don't like to keep your bong out in the open – the small stature is great for stashing in a variety of places when you're done smoking.

Medium Bongs

If you're looking for an excellent middle ground between big bongs and small ones, look for 10-inch bongs to 14-inch bongs. A medium bong is perfect for casual and repetitive smokers who know what they're doing and have a good tolerance. A medium bong is an ideal size for packing, holding and using on your own, making it a popular choice for most smokers.

Shop Big Bongs & Large Bongs

If you're looking for a gigantic bong, you're probably looking for something that provides you with a gigantic hit. Huge bongs are recommended for seasoned smokers who can take a large amount of smoke at once. Large bongs are also great for social smoking with a group of friends since they can hold a large amount of tobacco or herb. If you're buying a tall bong, odds are you're going to have to keep it out in the open, so make sure you live in an environment where you won't need to stash it.

Shop Thick Ass Glass for Bongs & Glass Bubblers of All Sizes

At Thick Ass Glass, we have bongs of every size for smokers of every type. Whether you're a new smoker, a regular smoker or a heavily seasoned smoker, we can provide you with the bongs and glass bubblers to match your current needs. If you have any questions about our big bongs, small bongs or medium bongs, please contact us. The bong experts are always standing by to help.