Thick Glass Bongs & Pipes


Thick Glass Bongs & Pipes

You have found it! The best selection of heavy-duty glass bongs and dry pipes available on the internet or anywhere for that matter. Our name, Thick Ass Glass, says it all, which we have stuck with during our decade-plus-long mission to produce the highest quality, most durable, and functional glass possible. Here you will find a plethora of styles all designed to change the stigma that most glass is known for—being fragile or a temporary object you possess until it breaks. While these glass pieces are still breakable, they are highly durable against your everyday activities, often enduring multiple beatings that most other pieces would have succumbed to.

Why is thicker glass better?

Often, the cheapest way to produce glass would be the lightweight, thinner glass options because they save costs in every aspect of production and transit. Thinner pieces require less skill, less heat, less time, and fewer materials to bring to market. When you venture into the thicker glass world, it takes much more experience and patience to produce, since thicker glass can experience numerous issues during production due to the time required to heat before working with the material and how to heat to ensure no cracks occur due to temperature differences in certain areas. For this reason, thicker glass is harder to produce and more costly due to more gas needed for torches, more time needed from glass blowers, and more cool-down time in the kiln. The result, however, is immaculate: a handmade, heavy-based tank that is ready to stand the test of time and possibly be an option for defending yourself in a home invasion!

Is it worth it?

Other than being more durable, TAG glass is produced with function in mind, so you are getting the cream of the crop, not just a thick piece of glass but one that does the job very well. Each piece is designed to optimize diffusion while maintaining a relatively high airflow, which reduces pressure on your lungs and even your head. Some users who have pieces with more restriction often can get a headache after using due to the added pressure or strain while inhaling to use the device. For some users, this is an instant no-go, since headaches can be a serious debilitating issue that they are often trying to relieve by using such a product.

How thick?

Many of these pieces are produced with 7MM and 9MM thick glass tubing, which is plenty strong for your day-to-day use. On top of the standard tubing sizes being strong, we also make an effort to keep the internals solid so your piece has a better chance of surviving a tip-over event. Often little bangs into common household items like tables or sinks can result in a broken base or downstem, so we use the thickest possible glass for the downstem, and we make our bases anywhere from 14MM to 18MM in thickness, edge to edge. Some shortcuts other producers often use include a thick glass lip on the edge of a base, which simply looks thick but does not provide as much durability since the inner portion is often half that thickness.

Thick Glass Pipes?

     We also dislike when our dry pipes break from simple tumbles or accidental spills onto hard surfaces. The TAG Super Thick Spoon pipe is a brick that is nearly indestructible due to the extremely heavy walled style. This pipe is a clear winner in who has the thickest glass pipe available, all while having appropriate attributes for ideal airflow and function.