Electric E-Nail Coil - Kevlar Wrapped Wire



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When using E-Nail do NOT use nail directly on your Rigs Joint!!!!
 - Use a Drop Down or Glass Adapter to preserve your rig, if the adapter joint breaks then you can just replace the adapter, not the rig!!


Coil Size: Flat, 16MM, 20MM

Coil Length: 5ft.

3 Month Warranty - Keep temperatures under 850 for longest life expectancy.

16MM Coil Height: 12.7MM

20MM Coil Height: 13.7MM


150 Watt Coil
 - Buyer BEWARE - Will not work with enails that are 100 Watts


  • Pin1= AC power
    Pin2= AC power
    Pin3= TC+
    Pin4= TC-
    Pin5= Ground wire

    K Thermocouple 5 Pin XLR Plug

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