TAG - 10" Klein Incycler w/ Super Slit Puck 50X5MM (US-33 Boro & Schott Boro) - 14MM Female



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You can find the new version Klein here, the smaller profile greatly increases flavor.

There are multiple versions!

Please use the drop down box to select the correct version!

 Height: 10"

Thickness: 5MM
Joint Size: 14MM 
Base Thickness: 12MM 
Base Diameter: 4.25"
Weight: 422g (0.975lb)

Female Version comes with a Slide.
Male Version comes with a Glass Dome and Glass Nail

*Note* - Glass Nails will always break! It is just a matter of time, we suggest quartz or titanium for a longer lasting nail!



Titanium Domeless Nail is not included.



Klein water test - normal use test

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No water in the mouth 


Klein water test. Its practically impossible for you to get water in your mouth

A video posted by Thick Ass Glass (@thickassglass) on




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