Get The Perfect Angle On Your Water Pipe With Angle Adapters

Get The Perfect Angle On Your Water Pipe With Angle Adapters

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Water pipes and dab rigs come with all sorts of accessories that can majorly enhance the smoking experience. It can be hard to tell which parts are necessary and which are used based on preference. But angle adapters are definitely a necessity, both for comfort while smoking and the health of your water pipe.

What Are Angle Adapters?

Angle adapters are a joint attachment that can be added to water pipes and dab rigs. They come in a variety of angles, but 30, 45, and 90 degrees are the most common.

The goal of an angle adapter is to hold your bowl up at a 90-degree angle (in relation to the surface it's sitting on). As such, it's important to know the angle measurement of your water pipe's joint before buying an adapter — when you add together the joint angle and the angle of the adapter, the sum should come out to 90 degrees. So, for example, if your joint is 30 degrees, you will need a 60-degree angle on your adapter.

Angle adapters can be male or female, so be sure to buy one of the opposite gender from your water pipe or dab rig. And remember to get the correct joint measurements as well! You don't want to wind up with a new piece that doesn't fit either because it's the wrong gender or size.

Why Are Angle Adapters Important?

The biggest benefit of an angle adapter is that it protects the bowl or nail and joint of your water pipe or dab rig from torch damage. This is especially important for beginners who are still learning the proper position to hold their torch while lighting their concentrates. If you hold a torch in the wrong place for too long, you can do permanent damage to your pipe, like discoloration at the joint base or a busted nail.

Another benefit is that the 90-degree angle makes it easy to light your herbs or concentrates. Angle adapters hold your product level and at a comfortable distance from your water pipe or dab rig's body. Using one of these simple accessories can help give you a nice, easy smoking experience and keep your pipe in great shape.

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