How to Properly Clean Your Dab Nail or E-Nail

How to Properly Clean Your Dab Nail or E-Nail

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One of the most important things you can to do to ensure that you always have a top-notch smoking experience is to keep your pipe and accessories clean. That includes your dab nail. Luckily, all the methods for keeping a dab nail or electronic nail squeaky clean are pretty simple.

Torch Your Dab Nail

This is the easiest of all the cleaning methods because all you have to do is use a torch to get your dab or e-nail red hot. Any sticky residue should start to liquefy and vaporize, at which point you can get into all the tight spaces near the dome with a q-tip. The q-tip method is the best way to make sure everything is thoroughly swabbed away.

A note for quartz dab nail users: try not to torch your quartz at a super high temperature, even when cleaning off excess residue. High temperatures can lead to devitrification or a change in the crystal's atomic structure that causes it to lose its glassy shine. Using a butane torch and keeping temperatures from exceeding 1,832°F (which is when devitrification occurs) will keep your quartz looking great.

Heat And Dip

Have oxidation problems? To get rid of the pesky white residue, you can use a method that's similar to seasoning your nail. Simply heat your dab nail to your usual dabbing temperature and submerge in a bowl of water that’s about room temperature. The heat meeting the water will help remove the oxidation — just be careful not to burn yourself!

ISO Bath

ISO, or rubbing alcohol, is a great way to remove residue that just won't give up. However, it's important to make sure all of the alcohol is burned off afterward, or else you'll ingest harmful fumes the next time you smoke. After soaking your dab nail for 5-10 minutes in rubbing alcohol, you simply need to re-season it. Then you're ready to go for another smoking session!

How Often Should I Clean My Dab Nail Or E-Nail?

How often you clean your dab nail all comes down to preference. If you often share your dab rig with others, it's recommended that you clean it after each use — most people appreciate a clean nail. However, some smokers believe that leaving the residue on the dab nail helps create the best flavor over time and, because of that, they never clean it. In the end, it's up to you!

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