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What is a nectar collector?

Nectar collectors give all the joy of dabbing in a simpler, more portable format.  Rather than being table bound, a nectar collector is a handheld vertical vaporizer. You can think of it like a dab straw. They typically feature a simple percolator and a straw. Not all feature a percolator, but personally I find some cooling filtration to be necessary to fully enjoy your concentrate. Nectar collectors heat up quicker, are simpler than a full-blown rig, and can cut down the time it takes to dab.

To use a nectar collector, you just load you concentrate in a heat resistant dish, heat the tip, and gently touch the heated tip to your concentrate. For the best performance keep the percolator holes parallel to the ground while you use it. If you tilt the percolator there will be less contact between the vapor and the water and you will drastically decrease the potential cooling from the water. Once the tip is cool, you can easily disassemble your nectar collector and take it with you. When I go away for the weekend, I normally throw enough concentrate for the weekend into a sealable dish and bring my nectar collector along. On the other hand, it can be difficult to control the temperature with a nectar collector, and you need to be careful with the hot tip. Be sure you have a safe place to let it cool when you’re done using it.

Errl cannon

The Errl cannon features a 4 hole showerhead to a spinning splash guard offering filtration while keeping the water out of your mouth. It will come in three distinct pieces: the mouthpiece, the percolator, and the nail. Keck clips are used to hold the Errl cannon together during use, and when you aren’t using it, you can easily take it apart and pack it away. Breaking down into three distinct parts makes the Errl cannon portable and a great on-the-go dabbing option. You can also choose between a curved or bent mouthpiece or titanium and quartz nails. If you miss the temperature control that comes with using a banger, you can always buy the Errl cannon quartz banger as well as a straw. With the banger attachment, you can use it like you would any other rig, and it will be easier to control the temperature.

Nectar collectors are an easy, portable dabbing option. They are great for convenient, quick dabs at home or just as easily at a friend’s house. The nectar collector straw also heats up quicker than a banger or domeless nail saving you time and fuel, but temperature control can be a bit more difficult. If you don’t have one though, a nectar collector makes a great addition to any vaporizing collection and makes for a convenient piece to travel with.


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