The Fabulous Fab Egg Rig

The Fabulous Fab Egg Rig

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What the heck is a faberge egg? Some of you history buffs might know that the real faberge eggs were jewel-encrusted art pieces created by House of Faberge, a Russian jeweler. You've probably also guessed that those million-dollar artifacts are NOT what we're selling at Thick Ass Glass. Let's explore the awesomeness of the faberge egg rig instead.

What Is A Fab Egg Rig?

While they started out exclusively as dab rigs, today's faberge egg rigs can be used as water pipes for dry herbs as well. Their unique design sets them apart from more traditional water pipes and dab rigs. Sometimes fab egg rigs will have chambers within chambers. Regardless of the configuration, though, they are composed of two chambers: one for percolation and one for recycling. Recyclers help keep the water and vapor moving through the pipe in a circle, which means an exceptional degree of filtration. That's one of the biggest benefits of the fab egg rig — the recycler is built right in!

Another special feature of the faberge egg rig is that the percolation chamber is a Swiss perc. Swiss-style percs are some of the best for diffusion because of their large holes, and, just like the recycling chamber, it's incorporated directly into the rig's design. The combination of the recycling chamber and high-level diffusion creates a drag-free smoke that is characteristic of the fab egg rig. You'd be hard-pressed to find another type of pipe that produces such satisfying hits!

Need A Fab Egg Rig For Your Collection?

Thick Ass Glass has your back! While some faberge egg rigs have been known to sell for up to six-figures (YIKES), we have rigs that work just as beautifully for a fraction of the price. They're perfect for collectors who want a unique new piece or for people just looking for a smooth smoking experience. Check out all our styles today!


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