For The Sweetest Dab Experience, You Need The Honey Bucket Nail

For The Sweetest Dab Experience, You Need The Honey Bucket Nail

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The honey bucket nail is one of the most unique dab rig accessories out there. It's not quite a nail, but not quite a banger, either. The honey bucket is in a class of its own, which means it offers a dabbing experience you won't find anywhere else. Let's explore more of this accessory's special features.

How Does A Honey Bucket Work?

A honey bucket nail has a unique swinging arm that can be moved in and out of the "bucket," which is the accessory's main chamber. When the arm is outside of the bucket, it functions similarly to a sidearm nail: you heat the end of the domed attachment, keeping the torch safely away from your dab rig's joint.

Once you've heated the swinging attachment to your preferred temperature, bring the arm back inside the main chamber. Use a dabber to press your oils or concentrates onto the heated swing attachment. The smoke or vapor that gathers in the main chamber will then be channeled into the body of your rig. Dab away!

Hitting The Optimal Flavor Zone

The optimal flavor zone, or OFZ, is just what it sounds like: the best possible flavor you can get out of a dab rig. The OFZ can be reached by combining a honey bucket with an OFZ-style carb cap. At Thick Ass Glass, our honey bucket nails come with the OFZ carb cap, because to give you the bucket without the cap would be like giving you macaroni without cheese.

So how do these pieces get you to the sought-after OFZ? It's all about airflow. When the OFZ-style carb cap is placed on top of the bucket's main chamber, it essentially creates a convection oven. The circulating hot air within the bucket's body lets the nail momentarily reheat itself, giving you all the flavor you want out of your oils and concentrates. You'll get extra-tasty dabs for the sweetest smoking experience possible.

Find Honey Buckets And More From Thick Ass Glass

Whether you're in need of a honey bucket nail or another form of quartz banger, we've got just the accessory for you. Browse our full selection of water pipes, dab rigs, and accessories to create your optimal smoking experience.

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