Bong & Dab Rig Accessories

At Thick Ass Glass, we have the best dab rig and water pipe accessories for an unrivaled smoking experience. If you prefer concentrate, choose from our durable dab rig attachment collection, including quartz bangers, dab nails & carb caps for a quality session without worrying about breakage. If you use a bong, check out our easy-to-clean slides and bowls. Many have built-in screens for an extra smooth pull. From dab bong attachments like ash catchers and drop downs to cleaning supplies, we have all of the supplies you need. No matter your smoking style, our water pipe and dab rig accessories take your toke to the next level. Stock up on TAG accessories today!

Shop the Best Dab Rig Accessories

When using your dab rig, the dab rig accessories can make all of the difference. A quartz banger, titanium dab rig nail, and other dab rig accessories can take your smoking experience to the next level.

Shop the Best Water Pipe Accessories

Using the best water pipe accessories can elevate your smoking experience from average to top notch with all of Thick Ass Glass smoking accessories. If you want your water pipe to hit better than anyones, Thick Ass Glass water pipe accessories can help you get there. The water pipe adaptors and ash catchers are just a few options of water pipe accessories that you can get. Shop all types of smoking accessories and attachments with TAG.

Buy Your Water Pipe and Dab Rig Accessories Now

If you've got your favorite piece, you can make it even better with the right oil rig or water pipe accessories. The high-quality products from Thick Ass Glass are the best way to get the most out of your setup and find that perfect puff. Need a new piece, too? Check out TAG's glass water pipes and dab rigs. You'll be glad you did!